What Makes A Good Mattress?

When you are trying to get a good night’s sleep, you need to have the right kind of mattress which will allow you to drift peacefully off to sleep in total comfort. There are several qualities which ensure that a mattress is high-quality. When you buy a high-quality mattress you will be able to have happy and uninterrupted sleep for hours on end.

What are the qualities of a good mattress?


Sleeping on a thin mattress can be incredibly uncomfortable and you might find that you are tossing and turning whilst you try and find a comfortable spot. You need to find a mattress which is extremely thick because then it will be able to support your weight adequately. Try out different mattresses by asking politely to lay down on them whilst you are at the mattress store doing your shopping.

The Springs And Coils Are In Good Condition

The springs and coils need to be in great condition for a mattress to provide support for your back, side or stomach. If the springs and coils are rusted or worn, this will cause the mattress to sag when you are lying down. You might feel the springs and coils in your back if this happens, which will make it nearly impossible for you to get a decent night’s sleep.  You can shop around before deciding which is the best mattress.

Comfort Guarantees

Some mattresses will be sold with a specialist comfort guarantee, which will ensure that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress. Make sure that you test drive the mattress for a few weeks before you make the final decision about whether to send the mattress back to the shop or keep using it.

The Mattress Can Be Placed On An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are useful for people who find it very uncomfortable to lie flat on their backs when they are asleep. The adjustable bed needs to have a mattress that can fold up properly whilst still supporting your back. Shop around in order to find mattresses that are completely suitable for this purpose. Then you can sleep with your back supported in an upright position with no problems.

Intelligent Foam

The mattress should have intelligent foam. This foam is designed to adjust to the shape of your body so that you are completely comfortable when you are lying down. This kind of mattress is becoming increasingly common and is something that you should consider if you are having back pain whilst you are sleeping.

The intelligent foam should be adjustable after you have slept on it because sleeping in the same divot every night can be uncomfortable and it can place a strain on your back over a long period of time.

Choosing the right kind of mattress will allow you to have a great night’s sleep without being in discomfort, and waking up feeling refreshed for the day ahead.

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