Creating A Back Yard Oasis

If you love to entertain guests at your home, then why not get your back yard ready for warm weather entertaining? With a few key improvements, you can create an attractive and welcoming oasis that friends and family will look forward to lingering in. Below is a list of areas you may want to look into to accomplish great results.

The Lawn

The basis of a good backyard is a good lawn. A broad stretch of green provides a lovely background and a place to run barefoot or engage in water play or relax in a lawn chair. The cooling effect of grass can help make a summer evening more pleasant. The roots of St. Augustine grass is the choice for southern states, as its roots run deep and even in heat, it holds its color better. You can find quality St Augustine sod for sale in Jacksonville FL and do over your whole yard in no time.


Add some flowers or foliage where you want a focal point in the yard. For areas that are in shade most of the time, hosta is a great choice. You can find hosta with larger or smaller leaves, variegated and flowering. For a pop of bright color choose the bright orange pompom crossandras which contrasts beautifully with its glossy dark green foliage. Clusters of periwinkle colored plumbago ariculata would go nicely as well.


Add some shelter over your patio to make guests more comfortable. A wooden pergola is a nice way to have shade in your entertaining area. You can weave widths of UV protected canvas through the beams to provide more coverage. Canvas duck sails are also a popular way to shelter and cool the patio. You could also use corrugated fiberglass panels to provide a solid roof and keep rain out.

Food Service Area

Whether you want to add an outdoor kitchen or a single grill, your patio will get more use from an area where food can be prepared and served. Besides somewhere to grill a nice steak or veggie kebabs, make sure to add a built-in bar area where food, drinks and utensils might be set out for easy access.

After all that hard work, make sure to incorporate lighting add a cozy atmosphere. Use solar lights to light the pathways and enhance your flower gardens. With a bit of planning and elbow grease, your back yard can become the oasis you have always dreamed of.

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