How to Move a Pond?

Planning a move is never an easy task to go through with. There are many things that you have to think about and to synchronize them successfully one with the other, so you do not get lost during the whole process. For instance, there is that whole part with the official documents and information, where you have to make the authorities familiar with your new address. You also have to move your medical records to your new home healthcare centre. Add to this the fact that you have to plan the packing and to actually do it, and you will quickly realize why moving can be so tiring. Figuring out how to move things a pond or a hot tub is on a whole other level. That is why we have prepared for you a couple of tips on how to move a pond.

Planning is everything

As you are looking for tips on long distance relocations in Virginia, remember that you have to first have a solid plan before you start the whole process. So, before you start to move a pond, think about how that whole process fits in your complete timetable. How many time you get to plan and execute a move depends on a lot of factors. Maybe you have half a year for that, or maybe you have half a month? Either way, you have to do things step by step. If you are not moving alone, i.e. if you have a family, you should think about dividing the tasks. One of you can deal with all the documents you need to acquire or pass on, while the other one can deal with things closer to home.

Planning the whole process carefully is really important
How to move a pond? It is going to be hard

Make a to-do list, and divide them across the family. Your friends and family can probably help you out with some of the items on the list. Plan the packing process and divide it according to the rooms. If you have kids that are capable of packing their things, give that duty to them. Make sure that all the important bits are going to be done first. So, things like packing an “essentials box” for each of the family members before you start thinking about all the gardening improvements you will be making in your new home. After you spare enough time for dealing with each of the crucial things, you can start planning to move your pond.

So, how to move a pond?

Well, whether you have decided that your home deserves a remodel, or you are moving, you are in for quite a task. If you want to simply move it to another part of your yard, you should pick the area carefully. Warm and sunny areas are perfect if you want to dragonflies and plants to thrive. So, once you choose the area, you have to mark it and start digging. To move a pond exactly as it is is nearly an impossible task. What you should do when digging the hole, is to dig a bit wider one and make sure that it is level. Fill it with an at least two inches thick layer of sand. It will act as isolation against any unwanted microbes.

Dig up and start building!

When the foundations are over, you should starting digging a trench around the pond so you can place the liner carefully in and tuck the edge. Any excess liner left? You can cut it with the scissors. Next, take photos of all the pond liner rocks and bricks that you had as a part of your ex-pond. Now is the time when you should start putting the rocks to their place and prepare for filling it up. Ideally, you should start collecting some rainwater for filling in the pond, as it is generally cleaner than the one you get through the hose. However, the source of water is not that important.

flowers behind a house
Location of the pond should be somewhere sunny and warm

What is important is that before you start filling it up, you put the rest of the sand in. When you do that, you have to be careful because the sand may get swept away if you are not careful with the hose. So, you could rest the nozzle of the hose on something like a plastic bag. This will absorb some of the energy and stop the sand from dispersing. One weird thing may happen, and that is that the water may turn green. That is nothing to worry about, as those are just minerals. As it continues filling up, you should make sure that you have set all the parts of the previous pond carefully

Remember to hire a good moving company!

If you are making home improvements, you call the professionals associated with it. If you are moving to a new home, you should then call the professionals who that sort of thing. Hiring a good company is one of the most important details for any successful move. Some people tend to disregard their importance as something that is overestimated. That cannot be further than the truth. Moving companies are there to help you move from one home to another. That is what they do, and that is why you need them. 


a kid getting splashes by a water hose
When filling it with water do not be afraid if it turns green

Hiring a good moving company, such as the Verified Movers is a very smart move, in many ways. By going on their site, you can see that they can help you move to basically wherever you want to. So, when having to move a pond, you are definitely going to need some professional help. Talk with them about what services exactly you need them to help you out with. One of the advantages of hiring a moving company is that they have likely seen a lot of things. So, they may actually have some very useful tips and tricks to show you.

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