The Sober Elegance of Flexform Furniture

Cavallini1920 is an Italian furniture store with showrooms in the center of Milan and in the nearby town of Varedo. The company also offers a host of dedicated services for both private customers and architects, including comprehensive interior design support, international delivery and installations, and even a recently-launched Personal Furniture Shopper service. Cavallini1920 is an official partner of the leading brands in designer Italian furniture, and is committed to offering the highest expressions of Italian design and luxury home living. Cavallini1920 firmly believes that interiors aren’t just a matter of aesthetics, but rather a significant factor in shaping and enhancing people’s lives. And one of the brands that best embodies this philosophy is certainly Flexform.

Flexform furniture: timeless style that defies fickle trends

Flexform is an Italian maker of high-end luxury furniture based in Meda, at the heart of the Brianza production district, often called the “birthplace of Italian design”. The company was founded in 1959 and since its inception has been creating exquisite home furnishings characterized by the superior quality of its materials and build. Flexform furniture stands out for its clean lines and understated elegance, capable of conveying a sense of exclusivity without resorting to flashy or extravagant solutions. The company itself provides a snapshot of its aesthetics in its style manifesto:

“The term luxury understood as redundancy, as useless abundance and excess, certainly does not apply to FLEXFORM. The company’s aesthetic is better represented by the concept of sober elegance that translates into essential forms and soft, never gaudy materials”.

Flexform built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of world-class sofas, ottomans and armchairs, but has since expanded its range to include dining tables and chairs, beds, bookshelves, consoles, coffee tables and more. Flexform also offers a stunning collection of outdoor furnishings.

Flexform furniture and the quintessence of “Made in Italy”

Flexform is firmly committed to the values of Made in Italy, not just as a gimmick but as an integral part of its production philosophy. All Flexform furniture is “thought & made” in Italy, and specifically at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Meda. Flexform furniture represents a synthesis of extraordinary manufacturing quality and refined, impeccable design: a result which is only possible thanks to the skills, know-how and artistry of its specialized craftsmen, and which could not be achieved if any part of the manufacturing process were to be outsourced.

High design meets sustainability

Flexform strives to be a modern, forward-looking company, and has made a point of investing heavily in the areas of sustainability and environmental friendliness. Specifically, this means selecting all materials – fabrics, metals, woods, leathers, downs and feathers – according to rigorous quality and environmental standards. The company has also implemented an innovative corporate social responsibility agenda, and actively sponsors numerous social initiatives in its area. Perhaps most importantly, Flexform believes that quality is an essential building block of sustainability:

The durability of products is a crucial value of environmental sustainability. Long-lasting things lead to less waste and pollution”.

Indeed, thanks to its timeless designs and the exceptional quality of its materials and manufacturing techniques, Flexform furniture never seems to get old.

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