How Is Your Bad Back Caused By Your Bad Mattress?

Millions of people around the world suffer from back pain. This is an extremely uncomfortable and debilitating condition which can cause emotional distress, depression and can lead to you having to quit your job because the pain is simply too great. This will have an enormous impact on the overall quality of your life.

If you find that you are struggling with back pain, you should go to the doctor because they will be able to help you with a diagnosis. Medicine is not always the best solution in this case. Have you ever thought that it could be your mattress which is causing the problem? This is much more common than you might think.

There are several reasons why your mattress is causing you this debilitating back pain.

Your Weight Is Not Being Distributed

A quality mattress will distribute the weight so that it is evenly balanced. This will prevent you from feeling pain when you are lying down at night. You should pay attention to the way your weight is being distributed on the mattress. If you feel like one area of your body is more uncomfortable than another, this is a sign that your mattress is not adequately distributing your weight. You should then invest in a foam memory mattress which will allow you to sleep without this problem from ever occurring. In order to relieve back pain get an Amerisleep Revere for a reasonable price.

Your Weight Is Being Distributed To One Part Of The Mattress

Poor-quality mattresses can become uneven especially if the stuffing starts to leak out or the coils become broken. When this happens, you will often find that your weight is being distributed to one part of the mattress. This is a problem because it can cause extremely painful pressure sores to start forming on different parts of your body. Choose a memory foam mattress which will stop these high-pressure areas from forming.

You Sink Down Into The Same Shape On The Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are supposed to form to the shape of your body, which ensures that they relieve any pressure on your back, neck and hips. However, they return to their original shape so that you can sleep in a different position on the next night.

The problem with regular mattresses is that they do not return to their original shape. You will be sleeping in the same shaped hole every single night and this can be extremely uncomfortable. This will cause you to have some back pain that will potentially be difficult to get rid of without the right kind of mattress.

The Springs Are Pushing Upwards Against You

In a good quality memory foam mattress, there are no springs and coils to press up against your back and cause you discomfort. However, sleeping on a poor-quality mattress with bad springs will cause your back to start hurting considerably.

You can avoid serious back pain if you invest in a quality mattress.

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