Ways To Unclog Your Tub Drain

Ways To Unclog Your Tub Drain

Everyone can recognize the initial warning signs that your drain is getting clogged. The water starts to drain a little slower each time you take a bath and shower. Also, you may find that you are beginning to smell some unpleasant odors or hear some strange sounds coming from the drain as well. These are all warning signs until one day there is no more drainage happening. Before it becomes completely blocked and you will need to call a professional plumber in Clearwater such as the ones found at www.pinkplumberfl.com, you should try the following tips for unclogging your tub drain yourself.

Bent Wire Hanger

For certain types of clogs, this can be the simplest and most effective way to clear your tub drain and get that water flowing down it once again. It works best when the clog is mostly hair or other debris. To do this technique, take the wire hanger and bend one end of it to make a small hook. Straighten the rest of the hanger so that it can fit easily in the drain. Next, push the hook into the drain and start fishing for whatever is clogging the pipes. After you have finished getting out as much as possible, flush the drain with hot water and test the draining power of the pipes.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Another tip for trying to unclog your bathroom tub drain is by making a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to pour down it. Mix 1/3rd of each product together. These ingredients mixed together will start to fizz right away. Take no time pouring the solution down your tub drain right away. The ingredients and the fizzing will help remove any hair, gunk and grime that has built up in the piping. Let it sit as long as you can in the drain, possibly even overnight, before you flush the drain with some hot water. Another suggestion for using these two products together is to pour as much dry baking soda down the drain first. This works best when the clog is big enough to hold the powder. Once you have done that, pour the vinegar down the drain next.

These are just a couple of the top ways to try and conquer a clogged tub drain on your own. If these don’t work, you could try to purchase some drain cleaner from your local store to try and unclog the gunk in the pipes. If you still are not able to tackle the clog with all of these tips, it would be in your best interest to hire the help of a professional. They will know the best way to get your drains cleared and free of debris once again.

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