Fine Usage Of The Interior Design For Your Requirements Now

Fine Usage Of The Interior Design For Your Requirements Now

Stereotypes are everywhere in our lives, and the design area has not escaped them. It is useful to move away from the standard settings: after obtaining an unexpectedly pleasant result, you will find that stamps often prevent you from living.

Warm tone “warms”

Did you notice that the walls in most Russian apartments are standard beige or peach colors? It is believed that they make up for the lack of sunlight, but in fact it often turns out on the contrary: the apartment looks dull and dull, especially under artificial lighting. The use of retail interior design Singapore is essential here.

Do not be afraid to use cold shades in the design of walls, they add freshness to the interior, fill the apartment and its owners with cheerfulness, visually increase space, after all, look nobler. And to make the house cozy and warm you will be helped by natural wooden and textile elements, as well as living plants.

  • Wooden floor in the nursery
  • White ceiling in the kitchen
  • Combined dining room interior with living room

Dark – the enemy of small rooms

Another stereotype – light expands space, dark narrows. Not so simple. Designers prefer to do everything just the opposite: they use light colors in spacious rooms, thereby emphasizing their dignity, and dark ones in small rooms. The secret is that the textured dark shades are lost in large spaces, while in smaller ones they look much more interesting.

  • Purple chair and a screen in the interior
  • Wooden furniture in the office
  • Black curtains in the interior

The choice of color for the room according to its purpose

Green calms down – to him the very place in the bedroom, orange invigorates and causes appetite – in the kitchen, blue is traditional in the bathroom. If all this was so obvious, then on banks with paint long ago there would be markings “for the bedroom”, “for the living room”…

In fact, people are different, and they need different colors – otherwise all problems with insomnia or a headache would have been solved long ago. Choose intuitively, it will be much more practical than following stereotyped settings.

  • Patterns on the facades of kitchen furniture
  • Multicolored kitchen furniture
  • Modern style of kitchen decoration
  • Angles of 90 degrees

Such austerity is useful in those rooms where tiling is used and built-in furniture is used (usually kitchen and bathroom), otherwise it will be very difficult to fit the joints.In the rest of the rooms it is absolutely not necessary to observe these notorious 90 degrees – curvature can become the highlight of your interior.

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