4 Tips To Succeed With Vintage Winter Home Décor For The Holiday Season

Winter home décor not only welcomes the season but also ushers in holidays and festive cheer. It is an opportunity to deck up your home in décor best and to ensure that you set the mood for fun, food and get-togethers with family and friends.

Winter décor revolves around seasonal motifs like pine cones and snowflakes, but you can also get creative and add your own personal touches to the interiors. Vintage never goes out of style and if you want to up the glam factor, consider bringing in timeless charm to your home décor.

Winter décor is all about coziness and warmth, and you want to make your home as inviting as possible to guests and family. Vintage décor also lays a strong emphasis on utility and comfort, thus making it easier to tie in the two themes together.

Here are a few tips for you to bring in vintage charm to your winter home décor.

1. Get Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Christmas ornaments are the easiest and quickest way to go vintage this winter. Vintage Christmas baubles are lovely and help transport you to another era where everything was luxurious and laid back.

Vintage Christmas

Antique and vintage ornaments are making a slow comeback because they are intricate, lovely and unique, and also endow a distinct charm to your Christmas tree.

Bottle-crushed ornaments are several decades old but they still gleam and sparkle to bring festive cheer into homes. Tiny carved miniatures of the trio of Santa Claus, clown and Snowman are a must for your tree trims.

Victorian indented baubles are also must have if vintage is in your mind this season. They reflect candlelight beautifully and are your best bet if want to go vintage chic.

Consider spending on glass garlands and other glass baubles. They come in a variety of shapes in addition to the classical sphere. Glass figurals, Dresden figures and toys made from cotton batting are all vintage options you can consider.

Wooden rocking horse, egg ornaments and diorama style ornaments were extremely popular in the early decades of the last century. They serve to bring in vintage charm to your festive décor beautifully.

Keep in mind that vintage ornaments are highly sought after by collectors. So if you plan to buy original pieces the costs may well run into several hundred dollars. Alternatively you can also consider making some of them on your own.

2. Light up the Vintage Way

Light up the Vintage Way

Vintage lights help brighten your home with a lovely glow and bring back memories of a bygone era.

Vintage Christmas lights are popular now and you can go for Noma-style lights. You can also use antique light bulbs for home use to suit the vintage winter décor.

Here is a tutorial to make vintage-style cage lamps . With this project you get a multi-hundred dollar lamp for as little as $11! So if you want to go the vintage way without spending a bomb, do consider DIY projects. Vintage Canadian snowshoes can be repurposed to be lamp holders, thus marrying vintage charm with winter.

You can give a vintage touch to your outdoors as well. Transform the front door lamp into an authentic rustic piece by making a neat bow with jute and hanging a few pine cones and leaves around the lamp.

You can buy vintage opaque-pane outdoor lanterns online at sites like homedepot.com and lumens.com. Reproductions of colonial-style copper onion lanterns are available at hammerworks.com. Fancy shingling and gingerbread trims are hallmark of Victorian era lights and you can find good bargains in thrift stores and flea markets, or on Craigslist. Also, look for freebies and end of season sales on online stores.

If you are willing to spend considerably more, then gas lights are an option for front door lighting. They also help keep winter cold at bay.

3. Layer It Up

Layer It Up

Rugs, pillows and throws can be used to bring in vintage charm to living spaces.

You can transform everyday chairs for holidays by tossing throws or rugs over the backs. Vintage rugs and carpets also help transform living areas to welcoming gathering places. Spruce up the fireplace and place vintage metal decorative items on the mantle. You can keep logs of wood near the fireplace in an olive bucket. Also, toss pine cones into it to reflect the seasonal warmth.

Vintage winter blankets are another great way to do up your home in vintage style for winter. Checks, plaids and twill are best for getting the desired look. These pieces are usually wool woven varieties and are versatile and unique. They come in vibrant hues and help brighten up things during bleak wintry evenings.

You can also try DIY simple flannel coasters in black, white and grey to up the winter appeal of your dining table.

4. Try to Include Greens

Include Greens

A bit of organic and outdoor cheer will help liven up vintage winter décor.

Consider layering your interior decorations with fresh cut greenery like cranberry and evergreens, and pine cones. Green garlands and fresh pomegranates can be intermingled to bring out Christmas spirit.

If you are hosting a party ensure that the table is layered with simple greens and pinecones to bring out the best of winter.


Holiday and festive décor are not easy to plan or execute. It will be best if you can start as early as possible and visualize how you want your home to look in the end. Plan accordingly and shop sensibly. With a few smart purchases and a bit of creativity you will be able to get your home to look its festive best.

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