Your Small Garden Options

A garden can extend the amount of living space you have. It can be used to entertain, if its big enough, and it can be used to prepare food or just to sit and relax. Even if you only have a relatively small space to enjoy, there are still options for you. A small yard can be transformed into a beautiful seating area, and with careful planting and planning, it can also enhance the view out of your living or dining room window. A balcony, roof space, or even a vertical wall can all be converted into green space; something that city dwellers, in particular, crave.

Vertical planting is one way of making the most of the limited space in your yard. Use trellises and fences, trailing and climbing plants, and use planters on your walls and other structures. This can help to bring plants into a garden, no matter how limited the size, but you should try to avoid the temptation to get carried away. Vertical planting is an effective method of introducing plants and shrubs into a small garden, but if you cover every space, it can make a small space seem even smaller and even more restrictive.

Intelligent planting is equally as important, and if you don’t want to grow plants up fences and walls, you should consider combining tall plants with those that offer ground cover. When choosing plants to place under taller shrubs, remember that they will have restricted sunlight and they may not receive natural water from the rain. Succulents are a good alternative to more traditional garden plants, but there are other options.

In fact, you may find that a lot of the area that you choose to plant is restricted for light. Tall buildings and small gardens mean that a lot of the area will be covered by shade. Most plants require sunlight to grow, but not all. Choose your plants, flowers, and shrubs carefully, and if they do not get the amount of water required from the rain, because of the shelter of the buildings, be prepared to water them more often.

You will struggle to grow grass in shaded areas. Grass needs sunlight and water in order to grow, and even some of the hardiest grass variants that are chosen for this kind of purpose will struggle to grow healthily if they do not receive the nutrients they need. Again, watering is an option, but you can’t provide artificial sunlight. In these cases, you may be better with paving or decking, or installing a pathway and using the rest of the space for plants that will thrive even in these conditions.

 There are many different options when it comes to small garden and yard spaces. If you are severely restricted with the space that you have, then you can even consider planting on your balcony. If you have roof space that can cope with the extra load, and you have the appropriate permission, you can even have a roof garden installed. A roof garden can actually provide you with a lot of outdoor space, but there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration at these heights.

Garden Club London specialises in the design, planting, and maintenance of city centre green spaces. Whether you have a small yard, a balcony, or roof space, they can create great looking and beneficial green spaces.

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