Why Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Are Beneficial?

Epoxy coating is one of the most durable and toughest finishes that are applied on the garage floors. This coating protects the flooring and also instantly renders a professional look to the garage. This has become a popular choice for garage flooring in contemporary interiors with the plethora of advantages that it offers. It is used in both residential as well as commercial places as the shine it delivers is simply incredible.

There are variety of colours to choose from which include solid colours, custom colours and hues and even you can go for your favorite personalized theme of the flooring.

Advantages of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating:

  • Apart from rendering a nice look to the floor of your garage, the thick and hardened application of epoxy is durable and resistant to chipping, impacts, chemicals, surface abrasion and stains. So there is nothing to get panicky about the floor getting damaged if you drop anything heavy on it by mistake or even if huge furniture falls over it.
  • Minor imperfections like small spider cracks or any other visible issues seen in the concrete are covered by this thick coating of epoxy. It also has anti-dusting properties and is a topical sealer.
  • The epoxy flooring is resistant to moisture. This is a big advantage for people who dwell in chilly climates (prone to snow) as the road salts and ice blocks collected during winters all along the floor can be easily cleaned. You will just need water and a mild soap to clear these particles.
  • When acrylic flakes are added to the floor coating, then the surface can be a little slippery owing to the color additive. However, adding slip resistant aggregates to the epoxy coating in order to create a non slippery surface is a good idea!
  • This type of coating receives excellent feedback from the painters as it is both stain and chemical resistant. Any fluids or gasoline can be easily wiped off without any issues. The garage environment seems to brighten up when you choose such a coating as it is light reflective.
  • Multiple coats of epoxy floors applied by professional installers assure a warranty of about 15 years or more. The garage retains an all new look for a longer period of time with minimum maintenance costs.
  • The common cement floors will require a diamond grind vacuum airing and cleaning before the application of an epoxy coat. However, when you go for garage enhancements it is much easier to apply epoxy coating without any such preparation of the floor.

To deliver an exotic look to your garage, epoxy coating is the best choice. It is better to hire a professional technician to carry out the work so that the results are flawless.

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