What Are Some Tips On Moving Home?

So, you’ve found a new place to move to and now you have to get ready to make the big move. But, if it’s your first time or you don’t have much experience in moving, you’re going to need to know what to look out for. Such advice can also help those out there who have moved before, in making their next move go even better and who wouldn’t want that? OK, here we go:

  • Easily one of the most essential tips on moving is to write out a list. (Or type it into an electronic device and back it up!) You just might think that you have the memory of a chess player, but probably not! Anyway, you might just might forget something if you don’t take notes. Moving is a complicated business process, so do the smart thing and create your list. Any kind of notebook will do just fine.
  • Jot down a list of things to do, such as contacting and organising professionals at removals in Bury St Edmunds, and get confirmation of moving fees. (They should send an estimator around) On the next page, make a list of boxes and their contents and label each box with a letter or number, this will certainly help later when it’s unpacking time.
  • You’re going to require plenty of boxes. If you have some left over after you’re done, you can always pass them on to somebody else or in some cases get your money back. Think about having 10 extra boxes for any last-minute items that you just might forget.
  • You’ll also need to protect all of your valuables. Get lots of packing tape and paper or packing peanuts to ensure your breakables will get to your new home in one piece. Try not to use newspaper, as the ink will come off onto your items.
  • This one is of importance and no tips on moving would be complete without any mention of the storing of important documents and keys. Put all old and new keys on a key ring. Forget about envelopes or pockets; it’s just way too easy to put them astray. Only remove the old keys when it’s time to pass them over to another person or keep them in a safe place in the new home. Buy tags or coloured key covers to make all of the new keys stand out on the key ring.
  • Another essential tip is to place all of your important documents in a fire-safe and watertight container, and always keep them near you. Things such as birth certificates, security cards, leases, school and bank records, maps, and utility company contact numbers should go into this container. You might also want to place insurance documentation into the same container, just in case there’s any kind of accident on the journey to your new home. Don’t transported such important materials in a separate vehicle, as should they go amiss, it will take weeks/months of frustrating time and effort to recover them all.

And finally, after considering the above and with the right removal company, your move will go just perfectly!

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