Valuable Tweaks for Flipping Houses

Homeowners and investors alike are always looking to increase the value of their homes. However, which renovations or additions are worth the investment? Complete renovations, including one room, can cost thousands of dollars. Although some renovation projects may be worth it if the homeowners plan on living on the property, other projects may only increase the value an average of 85 cents for every dollar invested. When looking to quickly flip a property, sellers need to focus on renovations that provide a better return on investments.

The type of investment required to increase the value of the home depends on the neighborhood. For example, in a high-end neighborhood, some investments, such as adding a pool, may not increase the value but may help sell the property more quickly. In warmer climates such as Brisbane, Australia, pool builders in Brisbane may be necessary to add the attractive touch necessary to flip a home quickly. However, not all renovations or modifications need to be expensive or require large budgets.

One excellent way of increasing the value of a home with a low investment is to increase the amount of light or the perception of light. The simplest way to increase the amount of light in a room is to switch light bulbs to higher-watt versions. Prospective sellers should do this in principle spaces such as dining and living rooms. Bright LED versions are great alternatives and maintain low energy costs. Adding blinds or awnings can enhance the management of light. Therefore, sellers should consider such additions. In Australia, companies such as Image Blinds sell commercial blinds in Brisbane that can add value to any home or business.

Adding a coat of fresh paint is another way to add value to a home. This increases the brightness and adds a clean look to each room. Additionally, buyers sense that the home has been well-maintained. However, details are important. Therefore, before painting, ensure that holes are patched up using putty or fillers. Next, allow the fillers to dry and sand them down. Apply a coat of latex paint and sand down the first coat once the paint dries. Remove all dust with a damp cloth and apply a new coat of paint. Although applying several coats may be time-consuming, home buyers will notice the level of detail and the beautiful finish. Furthermore, consider white or semi-white ceilings with beige walls and white moldings. These colors will promote a feeling of brightness and will make the room feel bigger. The technique will also help buyers use their imagination to perceive the space as they want to see and feel it.

Once the home is thoroughly painted, perform a deep cleaning. This involves every small detail. Start by mopping and dusting; however, this type of action moves well beyond everyday chores and includes clearing gutters, removing carpet stains, cleaning air conditioning vents, and addressing any area that is generally ignored. Be as detailed as possible, and include walls, windows, and ceilings. Make sure that all smells are eliminated, and ask a trusted individual to come by and test the smell and cleanliness.  If the home includes pets, furniture should also be cleaned. Even though the sale of the property may not include the contents, such items contribute to the overall experience of prospective buyers and will influence perception.

Homeowners looking to sell the property should also consider maximizing spaces wherever possible. This includes eliminating as much clutter as possible. The idea is that prospective buyers view the areas as spacious and clean. Therefore, remove unnecessary furniture, junk, paper, and useless decorative items. Allow the rooms to feel open and free. This will enhance the experience by encouraging the buyers’ imagination. To sell a home quickly, prospective buyers should imagine the property as their own. Sellers who provide the experience will sell their homes more quickly and for higher values.

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