Tips To Help Rooms With Uneven Heating or Cooling In Your Home

Sometimes, no matter what you do, there are certain spots in your home that can never get cool enough during the summer or warm enough during the winter. Extra sweaters and heavy blankets may be the norm for a room that is constantly cold no matter how high your heat is turned up. Warm temperatures and discomfort could be common in a room that struggles to keep up the cool temperature during the summer. Instead of getting frustrated, here are some simple ways to combat this problem.

Open or Clear Vents

The first thing to check in these types of rooms is your home’s ductwork or vents if you have central heating or air conditioning. Sometimes the solution is as simple as remembering to open up the vent. Another way to solve this problem may be to get your duct’s professionally cleared out. This way your heating and air conditioning unit may be able to work more efficiently to control the room’s temperature.

Adjust the Window Coverings

Another potential situation that could cause inconsistent temperature regulation in a room could be large windows. While they may look beautiful, large expansive windows may cause some climate control issues in your home. Other than taking out the window and installing a heavy wall, the only thing you can really do is attempt to control the sunlight or cool air that may be leaking in. First, make sure your windows are completely sealed with a new coating of caulk. Next, take time to research more effective window coverings, such as drapes or heavier blinds.

Add Portable Units

For a serious heating or cooling problem that opened vents or heavy window dressings can’t solve, you may want to consider adding additional portable HVAC units. A window unit for an attic room that isn’t getting enough of your central air conditioning could instantly fix your cooling problem. Space heaters may also be helpful for rooms that are more exposed to the exterior, such as sunrooms or enclosed porches. The only thing you have to worry about is the increased cost of the electricity to run these small appliances.

Install Ceiling Fans

A more economical solution to help improve the airflow in these rogue rooms is to use ceiling fans. Installing a ceiling fan in all of the most popular rooms of your home can help improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning. Likewise, some smaller fans throughout the room may help improve the climate control possibilities. Set your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter to help take advantage of the natural properties of rising heat.

Upgrade Your HVAC

If the solutions listed so far haven’t been effective, it may be time for you to upgrade your HVAC unit. An older style HVAC unit may not be capable of delivering the right amount of heat or air conditioning to your home. A professional like Ray & Son hvac services can help you devise a better plan such as dividing your home up into zones to help improve the cooling and heating power of your unit.

Reposition Furniture

The last easy step that you can take concerns your furniture placement. If the room is small and you have a set of large, heavy furniture, you may want to consider downsizing. Smaller pieces may help give the heating and cooling function a little bit more power. You could also simply rethink your room’s layout to make sure all vents have sufficient space and the room is more suitable for air circulation.

Sometimes, you need to think a little bit more creatively to maximize your heating and air conditioning power. Taking some of these steps and talking to your contractor could help you love those outlying rooms once again.

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