Renovating Your Bedroom: Ways To Maximise A Small Space

“I would hole up in my bedroom growing up and teach myself guitar.” – Dustin Lynch

Do you spend lots of time in your bedroom? If so, how what size is the room, and can you fit all of your possessions in without it looking untidy and cluttered? Is your room currently full of your possessions such as clothing, shoes, books, as well as electronic devices? Do you have enough storage space to pack everything away?

The bedroom: Your happy place

The fact of the matter is that a bedroom can be a sanctuary and safe space for many people, including yourself. Additionally, you might be someone who has to cohabit with your friends to save on rental costs. Ergo, to find peace and quiet in a busy household that never quietens down, you might be forced into spending a lot of time in your room. Therefore, it is important for it to look and feel spacious and airy, without any clutter lying around.

Ways to increase the effectiveness of a small space

Most modern bedrooms are likely to be fairly small. Thus, requiring furniture that acts both as a storage unit and as a place to sit or sleep. Therefore, the question that begs is how do you go about renovating your bedroom to create space and get rid of the clutter in the room?

Here are a few tips to help you start:

Decide what style you like

It’s important to decide up front what you would like the end product to look like. For example, you can choose from a light and airy room, a bright, loud, and funky room, a calm, peaceful space, or a dark, cosy sleeping area. If you don’t make up your mind before you begin with the renovations and change your mind halfway through the project, you will end up wasting, money, energy, and time.

Purchase multi-functional furniture

In order to maximise the use of your small space, it’s important to buy furniture that has more than one purpose. For example, you can purchase a bed base that has storage cupboards built into the base. Additionally, if you are purchasing a new bed base, it’s also a good idea to buy a new bed mattress. Your current mattress will more than likely be old and fit with your existing bed. Therefore, it is important to purchase both a base and mattress together.

Sort out the clutter

It’s vital to sift through your clothing, books, music and movies, etc. to throw out what you know longer require or will never use again. The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t touched something for about a year, then you won’t miss it, and it can be donated to Goodwill or another charitable organisation. You will be amazed at how much space there will be once you have tossed out all of your unwanted items in your bedroom.

Final words

Renovating your living/sleeping space is not always a simple or easy task. However, the result will be well-worth the effort.

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