Remodelling Your House

Remodelling Your House

There are lots of reasons to decide to get some work done on your home: for many people retirement is an excuse to really set their home in order and make sure it’s fit to see them through the rest of their life. Another reason many people find is a new arrival: if there’s a baby on the way then you need to get a nursery ready. It’s also the last time for something like ten years you’ll have the chance to make major alterations without an inquisitive little person who could injure themselves. And of course, if you’ve moved into a house in need of major renovations, it’s not just a preference: doing some remodelling and redecorating is a matter of necessity.

Whatever the reason you’re doing it, look on remodelling and redecorating as a threefold opportunity: it’s a chance to stamp your personality on your house, so you feel more at home there; it’s a chance to enhance the utility of the rooms, making them more fit for purpose and simply easier to live in; and it’s a chance to add to the value of your home: repairing faults and adding new utility makes your home more valuable whether you’re planning on selling in the new future or thinking of your retirement.

One of the best of the places to start if you want to experience these benefits is the bathroom. If you’ve just moved into a house, or not shown your bathroom much attention since you’ve moved in it’s likely the ripest for improvement, with tired paintwork and older fittings.

Replacing fixtures like shower heads and toilet pedestals sounds like unrewarding work: disruptive and expensive, but if you have the time and money to devote to it you can totally remake your bathroom, and give yourself a luxurious experience every time you so much as brush your teeth. Looking at boutique, specialist companies like Czech and Speake lets you pick unique furnishing and vital fittings, and make sure they all match the same aesthetic. In this case, you can put together an Edwardian style bathroom, with everything from perfectly chosen tumblers and toothbrush holders through to wood panelling for the side of your bath.

Being able to confirm that you’ve newly renovated your bathroom might well add to the value of your property. If you’re looking to sell, it’s also going to encourage people to view your home and like it when they do! It demonstrates you’ve cared for the property, and left it looking better than when you moved in, a great asset whether you’re selling now or downsizing in ten years when your children move out.

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