Quick Guide To Troubleshoot Tankless Water Heater Problems

The core purpose of water heater is to hot up the water instantly, but tankless water heater is lacking behind in fulfilling this core thing. Although it sounds really good by tankless water heater cause it intended to mean serving hot water right away.

Alas! “Sounding good” isn’t the same as “being good”. The complaint I get often is “I don’t get hot water instantly”.

 Most of the users go through experiencing shorter or longer wait for hot water. Although this is not the only problem consumers are facing. I have screened out the main problems to share with the upcoming buyers of tankless water heater.

Good news is I have come up with the solutions to beat up each of those problems. In order to get rid of the problems you should always look for a best tankless water heater on the market.

 No hot water:

The most common complaint about the tankless water heater is that it doesn’t heat water at all. A reason for this can be- these heaters are operated by electricity rather than gas.

A gas water heater has a burner at the bottom and a flue at the top; an electric one is powered by a large electrical hookup.

To avoid this problem, first check your electric power supply to the water heater. Check the shut-off valves, they might be in the closed position.Check the burner and does the flame rod generate the sparks.Water temperature is set too low. Increase the temperature to approximately 125-130 F.Or simply, water pipes or unit may be frozen because of low room temperature.

Hard Water Problems:

In some areas water is very hard consists of high levels of calcium and magnesium.In this case I would recommend,treat the water with a water softener or some other de-scaling device. Do not use a reverse osmosis process! It may hamper the heat exchanger system.

Water is too hot or not hot enough:

There are several reasons for getting too hot water from your heater. If you have already own a tankless heater you can see the option on the heater where you can select your preferable temperature of water to avoid the problem with the scalding. If temperature is not the issue, check and clean the water passageways.

It can be filled by obstructions in the water filter or plumbing. If you have been using this machine for little longer now,you can check whether the temperature sensor is broken, or it is not correctly positioned.

Burner does not ignite:

To avoid this problem you must ensure the pressure is correctly occupied and the gas line is properly sized. Check the flame rod and the gas control valve. Is it open at all or there is a short circuit? Also check whether the vent system is installed correctly and has a proper length or not. Don’t forget ensuring the flow sensor is working properly.

Burner is too noisy:

Sometimes the heater make sounds which is louder than tolerance level. In this circumstances check the fan for debris, check the burner is it burning the gas with the clear, light blue flame. Lack of combustion air and gas pressure can also make loud noises.

Low water pressure:

Heater perform less when the water pressure from the utility company is not OK. Ensure there are no obstructions in the plumbing, fixtures or water filter. Also with the lower gas pressure water heater will lower water flow to it can meet selected output temperature.

Cold water sandwiches or hot water temperature fluctuates:

You may face fluctuation in the plumbing system. If so, check the gas line size. Whether it is sized properly and for the maximum Btu.Make sure there is no plumbing crossover, when cold water mixes with hot.

Although these problems has come out from a scientific method of research, consumers may also face problems which has not come out upto this time. You could go through different consequences from using Tankless Water Heater. For that, please be informed and start a journey with a company who provide after sales services along with selling water heaters.

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