Pros and Cons Of Installing Surveillance Camera Systems

A common practice seen off late in most housing complexes and business arenas is to install surveillance camera systems at common places and even inside residential areas. Obviously there are many advantages of doing so, which is why so many people are investing their hard earned money on security cameras.

However, technology being a double-edged sword always has some downsides alongside the advantages that it has to offer. Thus, along with the many benefits of installing the security cameras, there are certain disadvantages as well. Reviewing both from an unbiased angle would actually let you know whether investing thousands on installing these surveillance cameras are actually worth it or not.

It Deters Criminal Activities

The biggest advantage of installing a security surveillance camera in a residential or commercial property is that it acts as an upfront advertisement that this property is secured. It helps in deterring possible criminal activities as the criminals would know that if they attempt to invade into a building with security cameras keeping a watch on them, they would leave a huge trail behind them which will get them caught very easily.

Helps in Constant Monitoring

Thanks to the modern day technology, feed of the security cameras can be viewed by the homeowner through their mobile apps easily. This means that no matter where you are your house is always under the strict surveillance of your eyes. It is all the more beneficial if you have children or elderly people to look after. You can always keep a tab on the maids or the caretakers even though you are far away from them working at your office.

They help in Providing Evidences

The modern surveillance camera systems which are meant for DP Plus client or other clients are not only good at capturing high definition video but are good at capturing audio as well. The footages that get captured by these cameras can be produced as evidences against an offender at the court. As the footages of modern day cameras contain audio as well, it gets considered as full-fledged evidence by the court.

Updated Technology Overrules Previous Challenges

A common disadvantage of security cameras was that they were silent spectators at the scene of a crime. However, the modern day cameras are equipped with motion sensors and have night vision lenses as well, which makes them capture any unprecedented movement and send notifications to the owner immediately. Also, the installation and maintenance of the cameras of yesteryear was a very costly affair. However, thanks to advent of technology, the sophisticated cameras of modern days no longer require any special maintenance and are pretty light on the pocket as well.

The Only Disadvantage

Many people feel that their privacy would get invaded when they have to live under the strict surveillance of these security cameras day and night. This is more applicable to professional setups where employees do not feel very comfortable working under constant surveillance. However, looking at the immense benefits that the security cameras have to offer, this disadvantage can be ignored till the time it is not causing any serious issues related to violation of someone’s privacy.

All in all, installing security cameras at your home or office is a smart move and will provide a safer environment to you, your employees and your family members.

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