Plumbing Mistakes To Avert During Kitchen Remodeling – Take Informed Decisions

When it comes to the most people’s home remodeling projects, kitchen renovation often tops the to-do list. But sadly enough, the most critical part of this entire project is the plumbing mistakes that you often commit while remodeling your kitchen. Though remodeling your kitchen can be a rewarding experience altogether, yet it can also be frustrating at the same time. You may think that you will finish up the task easily but rarely can you finish up as easily as you had planned. You may be subject to various plumbing issues which can soon start causing problems inside your kitchen. Hence you either need to call a local plumber who can help you with such tasks or you should know about the plumbing mistakes that you require avoiding.

Select your sink before you install new cabinets

Plumbers often come across this mistake whenever they’re called for installing their new mounting sink under-counter. When they arrive, what they find out is that the piping is placed too high coming from the wall, hooking up with the new sink and there are many a times when the homeowner along with getting an under-the-counter sink also gets a deeper sink. The cost of cutting the new cabinet is huge and homeowners usually don’t prefer them as they had just spent a lot of money in installing cabinets.

If you want to avoid this, ensure talking to the man who will install new cabinets. Ensure that you know exactly what you’re installing before you begin with the task. Ask him whether or not the sink will work along with the current plumbing. If you know that it won’t, rectify the issue before installing cabinets.

Install new flooring under the dishwasher and cabinet

Who doesn’t love a new wood floor or a new tile in the kitchen and more so if that goes with the new granite countertop? There are many who face the problem of not being able to install a new dishwasher as there was no new floor under the cabinets. In order to save money, the floor was put around the new or existing cabinet. If a homeowner wants to do away with this problem, you’ve got to pull the dishwasher and cabinets back and again install the flooring.

This is one big mistake that could be easily avoided by prior planning. Another option is to remove the wooden floor or tile in front of the dishwasher and again put it back. But if this ever needs to be serviced, you’ve got to repeat the process. Install new flooring under the dishwasher from the very beginning and then do anything that you want.

Therefore, in case you’ve been planning for kitchen remodeling, ensure avoiding all the plumbing mistakes so that you don’t have face any tap issues in the long run. You may even call someone experienced or professional to your home and get the best advice from him on plumbing mistakes to avoid while remodeling your kitchen.

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