Modern Kitchen Remodeling For Under $10,000

Remodeling your kitchen on a relatively small budget can be difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible. New Montreal condos have kitchens, which can allow you to easily renovate and personalize the designs without splurging. To help you begin your remodeling process, here a few ideas and tips on how to do it for under $10,000:

  1. Prioritize the important areas:

Prioritize what areas you want to focus on by considering what project will add the most value to your home. Put the majority of your budget on things that really need renovating first before anything else. A good-looking kitchen is nice, but all your work will be useless if it’s not functional. Prioritize those that are in need of renovations and repairs before splurging on aesthetics so you have a nice base to work on.

  1. DIY:

 As much as it’s fun and comfortable to just buy everything you need, doing DIY projects for the small stuff can be fun, too. Plus, you can save money for more important things. Watch DIY tutorials and browse books for small projects for kitchen decorations. Also try to finish what you can do yourself without others people’s help,  like painting the walls and cabinets, laying the tiles, etc.

  1. Don’t do everything at once:

Don’t try to finish the whole thing in one sitting. Break the renovations into phases. You can focus on doing one aspect of the project over the weekend, and another the next. This will give you time to see how things are progressing, and to check if you like what you are seeing.

  1. Don’t move major appliances:

The sink, dishwasher, and oven should be left where they are when you are on a budget renovation. Moving major kitchen appliances will include reconnecting electrical wires and adjusting plumbing, so this obviously needs a lot more than just labor. Again, save your money for the more important things instead of things you won’t even see once the project is done.

  1. Don’t replace what you can just repaint:

You don’t have to replace things that can just be redecorated or repainted instead. Unless the kitchen cabinets have become moldy, don’t waste your budget on buying new ones to replace them. Repainting them will do the job of making them and your kitchen look brand new again.

  1. Think hard about your investments:

When it comes to replacing major appliances, make smart decisions. Think about what you really need especially if it’s going require a lot of money. Consider investing in appliances that save energy, because they will actually help with your finances in the long run.

  1. Save the extras for last:

Put extra furnishings like flower vases and table decors last on your list of things to purchase. This way, you can spend on the more important things and only spend what is leftover from your budget on the not-so-important ones.

  1. Don’t forget the little things:

Sometimes, all you need to redesign your kitchen is what you already have in your home. Put some curtains by the window, hang photo frames and paintings on the walls, and use similar colored rugs to maintain the overall design that you are going for.

Though it may appear daunting, remodelling your kitchen on a budget is actually a pretty easy thing to do! Consider these tips and tricks the next time you’re thinking of giving your Montreal condo’s kitchen a makeover.

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