Metal Lockers For A Lifetime And Beyond

Whenever we think or speak about lockers they are perceived of being metallic. In fact, traditionally lockers and safes were made of iron and steel. To cut costs, non-metallic varieties began to be used. These non metallic types are normally used inside a known environment such as office or college. In these places the members are limited and their faces familiar. In a more unfamiliar environment where movement of people are unrestricted it is always advisable to opt for metal lockers.

Metal lockers are familiarly seen in hotel guest rooms, banks, cloak rooms, changing rooms in stadiums and swimming pools. Present generation models are provided with digital locks and battery powered. Locking is effectuated using numeric keypads. Normally locking is done through 3 to 6 digit numeric code. As these locks are battery operated, the lockers are provided with battery indicators. Whenever a low charge is indicated, batteries should immediately be replaced for proper functioning of locking system.

Cabinet Lockers:

Cabinet lockers perhaps are the commonest type to be sold. These are opened from the front and use digital locking system. Cash, jewellery, and other valuables might be put in these lockers and locked using numeric code. Numeric locking code first needs to be keyed in. Without keying in the numeric code your safe would not open. Every model allows a limited number of wrong keying in. Beyond this number of wrong attempts, a locker gets automatically locked. It is thus advisable to memorize this locking/ unlocking code for using these lockers.

Storage Lockers:

Storage lockers are seen all around. In offices, factories, health clubs, libraries, and shopping malls. Personal belongings like handbags, books, laptops, tablets, clothes and so on could be stored in these. In most cases these are made of metals as they are long lasting and keep away rodents and other pests. These are also easy to clean and maintain. These lockers are large and allow for storing several items together. Sports kit, ladies handbags, folders, track suits, shopping bags etc. could be easily stored in these lockers. Digital licking system comprising battery and numeric keypad are provided in these safes. Many organizations opt for mechanical locking system because of the cost factor.

Heavy Duty Steel Lockers:

The easiest place to locate heavy duty steel lockers is a commercial bank. Banks have vaults and lockers. The entire setup is made of heavy duty steel, several centimetres thick. Bank lockers are mainly of three sizes. These lockers are used for storing cash, jewellery, ornaments and valuable items. Heavy duty lockers are used in fire stations, factories, hospitals, and so on.

Benefits of using Metal Lockers:

Metals like iron and steel are more durable than any other material like wood, veneer or laminates. Though non-metallic items are more affordable, their durability is no way comparable to those of steel or iron. Once bought, metal lockers would last for multiple decades.

Metal keeps away rodents and other pests like termites and borer safeguarding the contents. Lockers of metal help to keep its surrounding tidy.

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