Introducing Clarke and Clarke Curtain Fabrics

Looking for a wide selection of soft furnishings to complement your décor, break the monotony of a room’s colour scheme, or to add some softness to your furniture? Then you might want to take a look at Clarke & Clarke Curtain Fabrics, which has recently made the switch from solely creating and selling soft furnishings to supplying them to homes across the globe.

A huge range of curtains more accessible than ever before

Curtains are the bread and butter of Clarke & Clarke. Now, they’re distributing them more widely than ever and you can see some of the range they have to offer at stores like Online Curtain Fabrics. They offer fabrics from silks, velvet, cotton, chenille, and more. Whether you want to increase the sense of privacy in the home, improve your insulation, or maximize the natural light of a room, they have the right option. What’s more, they have a huge range of both traditional and exclusive designs, allowing you to customize the look of your room even further. They have even more options in their more contemporary-focused and budget-friendly brand, Studio G. There inventory updates with the seasons, so there’s almost always something new and trendy to find amongst their range.

Options to suit every budget

Across the whole range of designs and different fabrics available, it’s not difficult to find those that best fit your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to ensure that you’re getting quality curtain fabrics. Many of their samples are available from partnered stores at 50p, allowing you to test them against your colour scheme and décor. From there, you have exclusive designs like Genevieve Raspberry floral cotton curtains that cost as little as £15 per meter. You can further customise orders with options like bounded interlining, polycotton standard, and blackout lining to help you curtains more effectively fit your needs, whether you want them to be sturdier or more effective at controlling sunlight and privacy, at very little extra cost.

Quality you can trust in

Clarke & Clarke has been in business since 1999 and in the nearly two decades since, they have maintained a reputation for quality and reliability that can be hard to find in the world of soft furnishings. That is, in large part, thanks to their painstaking processes of automation ensuring high standards as well as reduced costs for the customer. Combined with a team of talented designers, this means you get quality, cost-effectiveness, and creativity with every option.

Clarke & Clarke Curtain Fabrics has a wide range of not only curtains but bedding, cushions, throws and more. This huge variety is available in more stores than ever before, and the inventory is constantly expanding. If you’re thinking about making a change to the style of your home, you should take a look at their website to see what they have on offer and get some inspiration, as well as a range of options that can help you enhance every single room in the home

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