Industries Where Casters Are Commonly Used

Casters are all around you every day. However, they are something that people rarely think about because they are so very common. Many important tasks could not be performed without them. They are a crucial tool in a wide variety of industries. Many people are surprised to find out how many different types of equipment use casters as a means of getting around. Casters are a critical invention that makes life much easier. Here are a few examples of industries that heavily utilize casters as a part of their equipment.

1. The medical profession is one of the biggest users of casters.

You have most likely been to a hospital before at some point in your life. If this is the case, you have most likely seen other patients being pushed around on carts that had caster wheels. Medical casters need to be very tough and durable because they are used so frequently and have to withstand a lot of abuse that casters in other industries do not need to deal with. The stretchers that are used by emergency medical technicians in an ambulance are also equipped with casters to make them easier to get around corners.

2. Grocery stores always use casters in their shopping carts.

A shopping cart is where most people come in contact with casters the most frequently. The carts usually have two casters on the front of the cart and two stationary wheels on the back. This design has been around for money decades. It has remained the same because there is really no way to improve upon it. The carts that are used by grocery store employees to bring food out of the storeroom also have casters. Grocery stores would not be able to function without the help of casters.

3. Warehouses and factories also have their fair share of casters attached to their equipment.

There are lots of items that need to be moved around quickly and efficiently in both warehouses and factories. This is why they use carts that have been equipped with casters to accomplish this. In many cases, the wheels of the casters are specially made to withstand very high temperatures in the factories without melting. These casters usually have brakes on them. This allows the casters to be stopped while they are on a ramp or some other surface that is not even.

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