How To Protect Your Kids From Mosquitos

The spring and summer season are when children spend more time outdoors playing due to the warm temperatures. Unfortunately, they can also become targets to mosquito bites, which can become uncomfortable and itchy for little ones. When you want to protect your kids from mosquito bites without keeping them indoors, there are a few important tips to follow.

Use Protective Clothing

If the weather permits, cover your child in protective clothing to keep their arms and legs covered as they spend time outdoors. Use lightweight materials that will keep them warm but will prevent insects from landing on their skin. If it’s too hot to keep them covered from head to toe, spray permethrin on their clothing, which is a chemical repellent that keeps mosquitos away. The product is safe to use for all ages. You may need to wash the clothing several times to remove the chemical from the garment.

Use Exterminators

Hire professionals to spray your property to create a barrier that eliminates mosquitos on contact before they become a problem. You can become Mosquito Squad Satisfied Customers by preventing mosquitos from attacking your children throughout the season with sprays that are used.

Control the Home Environment

Make it a point to fix broken window screens that can welcome insects into your child’s bedroom when the windows are open. Fans will also prove to be effective because they can make it difficult for the insects to fly. Add a fan to the window and install an overhead fan that can be used during the day or night. It’s also necessary to remove standing water that develops in the yard where mosquitos can lay their eggs. Pools should also be covered when they’re not in use.

Use Lavender Sachets

Dried lavender is a natural and safe method of keeping mosquitos at bay with your kids nearby. Use dried lavender in your children’s rooms while also using netting over their beds. The lavender can be placed in strategic areas that are out of reach but can easily be smelled by mosquitos who attempt to get into the home. The sachets can easily be hidden in chests, closets, and on bookshelves.

Burn Citronella Candles

Citronellas are not only beautiful, but they exude a scent that is proven to repel mosquitoes. Light the candle outside to keep the mosquitos away as your kids spend time in the front or backyard. The item should be placed in a safe area that is out of reach for children due to the flame. Candle oils may be a safer option and can be burned for as long as you’re outside.

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