How To Protect Under Sink Kitchen Cabinets From Water Damage

What is the most important part of a home? Yes, everyone will agree to the fact that it is the kitchen. This is the space where people spend a good amount of time cooking and getting together with each other.  So for sure the space is very important and deserves to be kept clean and should be well-protected.

One of the common damages that people have witnessed from time and again in the kitchen is in the area under the sink cabinet. The entire bottom of the cabinet is made of wood and frequent water leaks and spills from different cleaners, sponges and clothes can intensify the damage with time.

It is not that easy to clean up the area every time and even replacing the flooring every few years is not at all a practical idea in terms of budget and efforts. So a question arises like what can be a better hassle-free solution to the whole problem?

The answer is simple! Purchase an under sink cabinet mat.

Yes, you heard it right it’s as easy as inserting an Xtreme Mat into your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The best thing is that they’re easy to use and cleaning them up can be done with water and soap. Now you can easily store all your cleaning products as well as other dry items in the area without having to worry about the those slow leaks or wet sponges and kitchen items.

Under sink cabinet mats are available in different sizes based on your under sink area. They are flexible and durable which make it a one-time solution that will keep your cabinets in perfect condition for years to come.

You have a leak now? No issues! Xtreme Mats are capable of holding water from 1.3 to 3.1 gallons so by the time you repair the leak, your cabinets and flooring won’t be damaged. Xtreme Mats have a textured and raised surface to help keep items dry when the water starts to leak.

Xtreme Mats carry over seven different size mats to fit your cabinets or a combination of two if you have an over sized cabinet.

The best thing is that you can easily buy your Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet Mat online now. All you need is the dimensions of the inside of your sink base cabinet. If you order online at Xtreme Mats you will get a FREE water sensor with every mat purchased.Don’t know how to measure the space? You will find a helpful graphic on our website depicting how to measure..

So are you tired of the under sink floor issues? Then it is time you opt for an Xtreme Mat today and say goodbye to damaged and ugly looking cabinets forever.

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