How To Enjoy Cooking More

How To Enjoy Cooking More

If you’re trying to save money and eat healthier, chances are, you do a lot of cooking. Cooking from scratch is a great way to incorporate healthy ingredients, and even save a couple hundred dollars each month. The plan sounds great at first glance… unless you hate cooking.

Cooking from scratch requires time and effort. If you hate every minute of the hour that you spend chopping vegetables, cooking gets old. Fast. If you want to stick to your healthy diet, acquiring a love of cooking is a must. Here are some tips on how to love cooking.


Cooking can feel like a chore, if all you’re focusing on is finishing. If you can learn to slow down with your cooking, and stop to smell the roses (or chives, as it were), then you might find you enjoy cooking much more. Cooking is soothing, if you focus on the experience itself, so try to enjoy the moment.

Pick a Good Background Noise

You might choose jungle sound effects, a favorite podcast, a comedian, or energizing music. Whatever your soundtrack jam, you can make cooking much more enjoyable if you use it as an excuse to listen. Need to get through Crime and Punishment for school? Listen to the audiobook while you cook. Want to call a friend? Put them on speaker or a headset while you chop away.

Make it For You

You’ll find you enjoy cooking more if you go for recipes you really love. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you have to make it. You can still eat healthy and cook for your preferences. You can also cater to health needs or dietary restrictions. Recent orthodontics in Newark and New Brunswick, NJ? You can make braces-friendly snacks. Got a gluten sensitivity? With some cooking skills and a little passion, you won’t have to give up egg rolls, or anything else you love to eat.

Go for Flavor

The better your food tastes, the easier time you’ll have making more. If your food tastes gross and bland compared to TV dinners, you won’t be very motivated. Your cooking can and should taste a lot better though, so start going for big flavors. A great porter, like the kinds you can get from the liquor outlet of Woodbridge, NJ, can completely transform your potato soup. A meal you’re proud of can spur you on to the next one.

Get Good Gear

Cooking is agony with bad supplies. If you don’t have a sharp knife, a good cutting board, and a few key kitchen gadgets, it’s no wonder you hate cooking. If you eat a lot of veggies, a food processor is a worthwhile investment. If you can’t get enough of creamed soups, get a stick blender. A simple tool can completely transform how hard your cooking is.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Have a hard time keeping your kitchen clean? Commit to a routine, and keep those dishes in the cupboards and the dishwasher. Wash up right after you cook. Remember, there’s only one way to clean a potato masher: immediately! A clean, beautiful workspace inspires you to cook. A dirty, frantic space makes you run the other way. When it comes to enjoying cooking, atmosphere is everything.

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