How To Do Fall Furnace Maintenance?

Sometimes when the winters are biting cold, few things come to our rescue. Furnaces, room heaters, fireplaces are some of the options. They keep us warm and heated up during those chilly winter nights. If you have a furnace fixed in your place, you need to keep it well maintained throughout the year even when it is not in use so that the winters can be bearable by using this facility. You can do certain things for your furnace to keep it maintained and in working condition before it breaks down completely and then the repairing charges might come as a huge figure.

Tips for Fall Furnace Maintenance

  1. Shut Down the System: Before proceeding with any maintenance work, make sure to switch off the furnace properly and remove the plug of the furnace for safety reasons. Make sure to switch off the electric as well as the fuel supply.
  1. Clean the Combustion Chamber:The first thing that you should do for the maintenance of the furnace is cleaning the combustion chamber. It is the place where fuel mixes with air and is ignited and that generates heat along with water vapor, carbon soot, carbon dioxide and worse. The soot will result in the wall corrosion and hence you should clean that part along with some inspection on the walls for corrosion.
  1. Inspect the Flue Pipe:Checking with the flue pipe is very important and especially the point where the pie meets the furnace. Possibilities of carbon monoxide leakage are there and hence any damage should be repaired immediately or if needed then replaced.
  1. Replace the Oil Filter:The oil filter keeps the impurities away from the furnace and system from clogging the oil burner nozzle. So, the oil filter should be checked regularly in order to avoid any sudden misfire and ultimately shutting down of the system.
  1. Change the Air Filter:The air that you breathe comes from here and after the end of every winter you should check this air filter and if needed should change it. You cannot change it too frequently but more than a year, it cannot be left unchecked or unchanged.
  1. Adjust the Burner and Testing Frequency:Proper ratio of fuel to air should be checked and adjusted for the proper function of the furnace.
  1. Clean the Floor Vents:Do not forget to clean the floor vents that act like the dust magnet and catch all the dirt and dust from outside and inside. So clean them after the fall.

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