Home Renovation on a Budget

Does ‘major house improvements’ makes you think big investments and lots of planning? Keeping home renovation on a budget can be a challenge, but with the right strategy and some free time on hands you can do wonders to your home décor without breaking the bank. We’ve partnered with Storage Giant, the UK’s self-storage provider, to teach you how to budget a home renovation project for maximum return.

Do your research 

Hiring an Interior Designer can be expensive, and working with one can cause you a headache so how about skipping that part and design your dream interior yourself? For inspiration, subscribe to leading interior magazines such as Elle Decor, or follow #homedecor and #homedesigns hashtags on Instagram to explore the hottest interior trends. To make your renovation plan more organised, create a virtual board on Pinterest and ‘pin’ those designs you like the most (which you can later share with your partner and decide if this is a good direction).

Make some space

Spacious, minimalist spaces are becoming more and more popular, which is an excellent opportunity for decluttering your apartment. Think about getting rid of those pieces you no longer need, pack them up and put them into the nearest self-storage. You can also auction them online to get an instant boost of cash, which is much needed with any house improvement project. 

Think second-hand  

Purchasing brand new home furniture can be the priciest part of any home renovation. To avoid those excessively expenses, make a list of things you need and do some research online for a second-hand furniture shop. Acquiring expended furniture can help you create a gorgeous apartment by using one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that add interest, style and drama at a moderately low cost.

DIY or not to DIY?

If all your house needs is a few cosmetic fix ups such as adding a fresh lick of paint to the walls, consider whether hiring a professional contraction company is really what you need.

If you, however, were to complete more advanced jobs such as structural repairs or any fixes that include gas, electricity or plumbing tasks then hiring professionals is a must – so don’t try to save up on this.

According to a study published by Santander Insurance UK, 39% of Britons are planning to make home improvements during the next 12 months, while one in seven of those homeowners (14%) will cause damage to their home in the process, at an average cost of £344. 

If you want to get the best deal possible on major house improvements, have a little sniff amongst your friends and seek recommendations for an established construction specialist, which can lead you to receiving a nice discount from an endorsed expert.

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