Home Improvement Ideas Catering For Your Cat

Home Improvement Ideas: Catering For Your Cat

If you need to do some home improvements, then it’s likely that there is a whole host of jobs that need to be done, from painting the walls with a fresh lick of paint through to straightening the wonky pictures. However, if you are a cat owner then there are a few things that you can do to improve your home that will benefit your feline friend as well.

You might want to turn one room into a cat playroom or make a private cat bathroom that they can use but one of the most popular additions that cat lovers often make to their homes nowadays is making an outside area that is safe for them to be in, without them being able to escape. These specialist cat fences are a clever way to allow you to let your cat go outside, without having to worry about them being able to escape.

Kitty Fencing

These kittycat fenceswork by jutting inwards at the top, so that your cat can’t jump over the top and get out of your garden.

There are many reasons why you might want to keep your cat in your garden, such as:

  • If they keep getting into fights with neighbouring cats
  • To keep them away from nearby roads
  • If they have gotten lost in the past
  • If they are prone to getting picked on by bigger cats
  • To reduce the chances of them picking up fleas and ticks
  • If they have run away before

It is easy to turn an existing fence into a cat containment area simply by adding this specialist barrier along the top of the fence.

Play Rooms

Cats need to be entertained, however unlike dogs who need a lot of human interaction- they are happy to do a lot of the entertaining by themselves or with other feline friends. Setting up a cat play room is a great way to give them a space where they are free to scratch and play to their hearts content and depending on how good your DIY skills are; you can even build a climbing frame.

Add a Cat Flap

The simple addition of a cat flap is extremely effective and cat flaps allow your cat to come and go as they please, which is perfect if you want them to be able to go outside and roam around when you are at work.

Make a Cat Toilet

Provide your cat with a litter tray by doing the following:

  • Put the litter tray in its own area, such as next to your toilet
  • Build a separate space for the litter tray, such as next to a kitchen sink
  • Partition it off, so that it blocks some of the smell and is out of sight

Your feline friend will appreciate some privacy when they use the toilet and you will prefer the way your house looks and smells.

Useful Tip: You can buy cat litter hideaway units, where you can store the litter tray out of sight if you don’t want to make one yourself.

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