Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2017

Gone are the days when the carpet was king. With its rustic and stylish finish, hardwood flooring is an increasingly popular choice for modern day homeowners. As we enter 2017, let’s take a look at what’s trending in the world of hardwood flooring.

Dark stain wood flooring

2017 is the year in which to make a statement with your solid wood flooring. Ultra dark hardwood flooring is proving to be one of the most popular choices with homeowners who are looking for flooring that catches the eye. Ebony and black hardwood flooring gives a contemporary finish to a room, while the planks are more uniform as the dark shades show less graining and colour variation. Be aware that darker shades of hardwood will show more dirt and scratches.

Ultra light wood flooring

You may expect with dark hardwood flooring all the rage that light flooring would be unpopular, but not at all! Many homeowners like the contrast that light solid wood flooring can give. Traditional yellow and gold coloured planks are definitely out this year, with buyers preferring the crisp clean look of ultra light shades such as ivory.

Grey wood flooring

Grey has been popular for some time and continues to be a great seller. While 2017 is a year of extremes in hardwood flooring, grey offers a more neutral choice. Contemporary and stylish, grey hardwood flooring provides a calming feel to a room. Grey hardwood flooring will be popular for some time still, so you can install it with confidence. To compare the difference between dark, light and grey hardwood flooring, visit UK Flooring Direct (http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/solid-wood-flooring).

Hardwood flooring finishing trends

Shiny, glossy finishes are out and satin finishes are in. Highly glossed surfaces look outdated and highlight scratches, dents, dirt and much more. Matte finishes help achieve a much more natural finish and hide imperfections better. It is an increasingly popular finish with darker and lighter hardwood planks.

Multiple width planks

Homeowners laying multiple width planks is a recent trend that harks back to the flooring of yesteryear. This trend is very much a return to a more authentic style of flooring. Historically, floors were covered with multi-width planks to utilise the cut of the trees in the most efficient way. Now multi-width flooring comes in many styles, with easy to install planks.

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