Do You Need High-Pressure Jetting For Your Drains?

Smelly sewers or clogged drains require manual cleanouts. If you are like most UK property owners, you do not fancy the idea of clearing a sewer pipe using this approach. Fortunately, you have another alternative. High-pressure jetting is a technique that permits the user to give drains and pipes a complete clean by operating the equipment from the mouth of a drain versus cleaning it manually.

How High-Pressure Jetting Works

That is because high-pressure jetting entails using highly pressurised water forced through the end of a hose’s nozzle. The holes of the nozzle are drilled at an angle that points in the opposite direction to the direction of flow. By using this method, the hose is forced through the pipe as the water leaves the nozzle at a high pressure. In turn, the inside pipe is scoured clean. The work requires the use of a powerful pump and specialised protective gear to guard against injury.

A Dangerous Operation

Therefore, high-pressure jetting for drain and sewer clearance in Wantage needs to be facilitated by professionals in the field as it presents a number of potential hazards. Anyone who is not skilled in high-pressure jetting can become injured by the force of the water alone. In addition, the large amount of detritus and debris that ejects from the drain outlet can lead to serious injury or contamination if it is not contained.

Contact a Drain Cleaning Specialist

Professionals who work at clearing drains with high-pressure jetting equipment understand the potential risks and are extensively trained in the handling of heavy machinery. They are also well-versed on how to contain and dispose of the materials that flow from a pipe or drain during the cleaning process.

If your drains and pipes are currently in need of a good clean out, then you need to review the services of a professional drainage contractor. High-pressure jetting for drains is a fast and easy option to scouring drains manually. Therefore, using the service is not something you should overlook.

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