Designing a Comfortable Bedroom

When it comes to refreshing the look of your home, there is no better place to start than the bedroom. This is, after all, the room in which you will spend the most time! While a bedroom should, of course,reflect your personality, it should also be a space dedicated to relaxation, tranquility and calm, where you can go to unwind after the rigors of a day’s work.

If you are considering a bedroom redesign, then the good news is that it need not be an expensive process. There are many ways to improve your bedroom interior that cost very little yet can have a dramatic effect. To get you started, here are some tips for revitalizing your bedroom.

Start with a declutter

The first place to start in a bedroom redesign is to get rid of the clutter. This has several beneficial effects. It enables you to see the room more clearly, which will help you to progress your redesign plans; it is good for the psyche; and it will immediately make your room look clearer, cleaner and more relaxing. If you’re not sure how to go about decluttering, the simple rule is to remove anything that doesn’t enhance the comfort and tranquility of the space. This will almost certainly mean removing your bedroom television!

Change the bed!

If you want to go the whole way and get a new bed, then that can be a major plank of your redesign, but it isn’t necessary to produce a significantly more relaxing room. Simple changes such as getting a new duvet cover set or adding an appropriately colored comforter can have a big effect. This might also be the point at which you may want to consider a new mattress. Advances in sleep technology have produced an array of new sleep-conducive mattresses, and you may even be able to benefit from a mattressfree trial – look for companies that are the official suppliers for the main mattress brands.

Set aside a reading area

A reading nook can be an interesting addition to your bedroom design, and it really doesn’t take much in the way of decorating or moving to set up. All that you need for a relaxing reading nook is a comfortable chair, a reliable lamp, a scattering of cozy cushions and your favorite book. Of course, you will want to ensure that the décor of your reading nook is in keeping with the rest of the room, but when designing this part of your bedroom, remember that comfortable and cozy are the key words.

Consider the windows

You should consider your bedroom windows not as a functional item, but as the frame for the light that enters this haven of tranquility. You can’t do much about your window location, but you can do a lot to emphasize or subdue the window area, and the amount of light that it allows into the room, by choosing a pair of heavy luxury curtains or opting for stylish window shutters. Above all, you want to ensure that you can control the light levels within the room to match your mood.

Take a closer look at the furniture

If your furniture needs replacing, then this can be a big part of any bedroom design, but it isn’t always necessary to make big furniture purchases to boost the comfort levels of your bedroom. Often, something as simple as swapping out drawer or door handles for more decorative alternatives or getting a dressing table revarnished or stained can make a big impact as a cost-effective method of adding a touch of style and comfort to your room.

Think about rugs

There aren’t many decorative additions that you can make to a bedroom that will have as big an impact as a new, luxurious rug. Adding one of these to your bedroom not only increases the comfort factor significantly but can also help to make the room feel so much bigger. One important tip for choosing a rug is to make sure that you get one large enough to fit under your bed and another item of furniture. This will ensure that the rug is secure and will maximize its impact.


Your bedroom should be a place that you can treat as a safe haven, a room in which to retreat and recharge after a stressful day. Hopefully, these simple bedroom design tips will help to stimulate your imagination and get you thinking about ways to make your bedroom a more comfortable, tranquil place.

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