Design Inspiration From this 30A Beach Home

Have you ever considered including beach decor in your home? Whether you live near the beach or miles away, adding a coastal vibe can give your house a relaxed and welcoming feel. Plus, you can pretend you are on a paradise vacation every day!

If you are looking for some coastal inspiration, look no further than Scenic Highway 30A on the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida. 30A is a beautiful stretch of sparkling white sands and glimmering emerald waters, affectionately referred to as the Emerald Coast. With its salty air, pristine beaches, and relaxed atmosphere, this location perfectly embodies paradise. The homes in this area are designed with a coastal flair and provide great inspiration for anyone looking to update their property with a beachy look.

Ready to bring the beach home? Check out this SEAS Inn vacation home located just south of 30A for design inspiration.

Step through the front doors, and the first thing you will notice about this spot is the lighter colors, from the walls to the furniture to the home accents. In any beach home, whites and neutrals provide an open and airy feel, which characterize relaxed, beach living. To create this atmosphere in your own home, use lighter paint colors in your living area, kitchen, and bedrooms. You might also include a couch the color of pale sand for a true beach feel, like the couch in this home’s living room.

Of course, too much white can feel a bit sterile. To avoid this, add some coastal accents. This might include incorporating blues as a fun pop of ocean-like color, like the breezy blue highlights in SEAS Inn. The kitchen features a blue backsplash, one bed is decorated with blue pillows, and a blue-striped comforter covers another bed. Another way to enhance the beach mood is through seaside paintings and pictures, as exhibited through the paintings included in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living room of this abode. Additionally, the media center displays shells, coral, and other coastal pieces that show off the beach love.

Throughout the house, you will also find potted coastal plants. Including these types of accents in your decor is an easy and cheap way to bring the ocean to your home.

The crowning features of this vacation rental are the airy patios – upstairs and downstairs – with comfortable seating ensembles and reclined chairs, making it easy to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family. To achieve this look, incorporate an open porch if you do not already have one, and locate some beachy furniture. This could include wicker chairs, wood side tables, and rustic outdoor accents. Be sure the furniture you get can handle the outdoor elements!

These elements are only the beginning of beach design inspiration. For more ideas, explore other aspects of this 30A vacation home or check out other beach residences. Or, head on down to 30A to experience the inspiration in person. The great thing about beach styling is the ability to customize the different options and make it your own!

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