Bid Goodbye To Rats and Rodents – DIY Pest Control Tips You Should Know

The most common types of rats in America are Roof rats and Norway rats and if you take a close look at the habits of both these kinds of rats, you would know how to control their unwanted population and how to inspect them. You better call them ‘super rats’ as they can reach up to 16” in length. Few factors which have an impact on the population of rats in cities are weather disasters, mild winters continuing for a long time and invasion of their habitats due to construction of buildings.

Norway rats usually eat food, contaminate them and damage properties by either gnawing or burrowing. Not only that, they even lead to spreading diseases which affects pets and people. If you’re looking for tips for rat and rodent control in Dallas, here are few tips that you can follow to bid goodbye to rats for good.

  • Block the ways which rats use to enter

Can you ever eliminate rats if new rats keep on coming at the same pace as you get rid of the existing ones? Never! So, all you need to do is to locate the paths which rats use to enter your home or by watching out for fresh rat droppings. Search for burrows, rain gutters which are directly connected with the sewer system of your house. Also make sure that the top of the gutter is connected to the sewer system and ensure that the top of the gutter is screened in such a manner that the rats are not able to climb on the roof.

  • Don’t allow rats to share seeds of birds

Norway rats are the common brown rats which are great at climbing and which love to visit bird feeders. They are the ones which usually catch occasional birds and hence you should be sure that you don’t spread bird seed so that you don’t allow bird-feeder rats into your house. You can use baffles on the ground of the PVC pipe and you can even hang the feeder from the ground.

  • Don’t allow rats to consume food which is meant for other pets

Rats usually love dog and cat food. The simplest thing that you can do in order to safeguard open food containers from the attack of rats is by feeding your pet from a bowl which is made from stainless steel. This is because the edges of the steel bowl will be rather impossible for the rats to climb and eat. You can also follow the trick of keeping such open food containers right at the centre of the room. The hungriest of rats will only reach the middle of the room to feed and they can only take the risk of running to the bowl at night.

So, if such Norway rats are giving you a disturbing experience, you can take the above mentioned DIY steps to eliminate rats forever. Take all the necessary steps to block them from further entering your house.

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