Best Home Renovations For Resale Value

Tackling home renovations can seem like a major inconvenience. While you may not want to deal with all the dirt and dust that can come along with many home projects, you may quickly change your mind once you realize just how beneficial a few home renovations can be. These projects can make your home more functional and more beautiful, but they can also significantly impact the resale value of your home.

To help you make the most of your efforts, following are a few of the best home renovations to boost your home’s resale value.

Upgrade the insulation.

Installing new insulation is not nearly as glamorous as remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, but you can expect to recoup most your costs when you decide to sell your home. In fact, the professionals say that homeowners typically recoup right around 95% on this project. Buyers expect to find homes that are energy efficient, and upgrading your insulation is a relatively easy way to give your house an advantage over some others.

Install a new garage door.

Even though the exterior of a house does not tell the whole story of the property, the reality is that potential buyers are going to make their first judgments based on what they see on the outside. If the house looks boring and dated, they may feel too intimidated to take it on. Fortunately, there is one fix you can make that will boost your home’s appearance and improve its value. By replacing that standard, white garage door with something a little fancier or more updated, homeowners can expect to recoup roughly 87% of the costs.

Update the flooring.

Wood flooring is a huge draw for many homebuyers. However, flooring that is dated or in poor condition can easily turn many individuals away, since they may fear how much work and money is involved in making this improvement. Go ahead and make it easy on them. By installing new wood floors or refinishing the existing wood floors, buyers will feel like they can move right in without having to tackle such a major detail.

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