Are You Sure You Know Everything About Renting A House?

In order to ensure that you stay happy for a long time in your rented house, you need to know what to ask your landlord before renting his house. You may think that buying a house is the only big decision in your life but locating a house for rent is not in any way a smaller decision. Finding a right apartment or home to rent is definitely a big decision as it sets an impact on your lifestyle and on your life. It affects almost everything from where you sleep and eat, your commuting time to your workplace, whether or not you can easily host guests and where you go for shopping for groceries.

Although you may seek help of sites like for information on properties to rent, yet before you finally decide about the area, ensure that you know everything about renting. Here are few points to consider before taking the plunge.

#1: Research on the Area

Before moving in, check the area carefully. Is the area near a hospital? If yes, you have to hear ambulances all the time. Is it near a pub? Check the surroundings in details before signing the deal. It always depends on a tenant when it comes to doing the little bit of research on the dwelling place before moving it. So, be a smart tenant.

#2: Inspect and Enquire about the White Goods

White goods are the freezer, fridge, cooker, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave and all such household appliances. Any defect that is noticed by you, should be reported. In case white goods are all included in your inventory on the agreement, the tenant is supposed to inspect them and get it written by the landlord that all are working satisfactorily. It’s vital to get these in writing as responsibility is determined by evidence of what is agreed between the 2 parties.

#3: Make sure you check the Water Pressure of the Area

During your first inspection of the property, run the shower and the taps. In case you find there’s an issue with the water pressure, you have to negotiate with the landlord even before signing the rent agreement. When the tenant doesn’t inspect the property, they may find it impossible to solve such issues later on. There are few cases when inadequate water pressure can fall in the legal obligations of the landlord.

#4: Find Out how much you would require Paying in Advance

There is no such rule in the exact amount that you may have to pay as an advance to the rent. Usually, landlords can for one month’s rent as an advance payment but in some cases, it may be more. As long as deposit is concerned, the amount is entirely on the discretion of the landlord. They prefer asking for an amount which is equivalent to the rent of one month. If you’re lucky enough, you may come across someone who doesn’t ask for an advance as well.

So, if you’re desperately watching out for a rented home, don’t forget to consider the above listed details. Carelessness can cost you in the long run.

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