Advance Appliance Repair Offers A 90 Day Guarantee On Every Service Call

No one wants to see water pouring out of the bottom of their dishwasher. Or reach in the oven and feel nothing but cold when it should be 350 degrees. Or open the fridge door and not see the light come on, along with some icky smells because everything is too warm now. Appliances improve our lives immeasurably, but when they don’t work right, they can be a pain we don’t want to deal with at all.

When those times come, you need to know who you can call on to fix the problem – preferably as quickly and painlessly as possible. appliance repair San Francisco, is no laughing matter. So the only name you need is Advantage Appliance Services if you are anywhere in the San Francisco, Marin County or San Mateo County areas. One call or one visit online to http://www.angelosepoxyflooring.comAdvantage Appliance and you will have a knowledgeable, professional technician on their way to you to solve your appliance problem.

You just know, when you open the lid to the washing machine and you see a tub full of water where spun clothes, nearly dry already should be, that you have trouble. Or you know you should be hearing that slightly off-center thump from the spin cycle, but all you have is the sound of silence. It could be that you’ve set the level to extra-large load, but you only see half of a tub of water fill up and you know you need help. The trouble could be a faulty motor or clutch, a belt problem, the transmission of the machine is out-of-whack, or there could be a problem in the drainage line, an obstruction in the fill lines or a timing failure. No matter what the deal is, your washing machine is essential and you need it in good working order. Advantage Appliance has a technician for that.

Likewise, your dryer is equally essential. Many do not have the ability to hang clothes out to dry outside, and do not have the room or right conditions to hang them inside either. If you have a washer full of wet clothes that you can’t get dry, you have a problem. You could be hearing excessive noise from problems with bearings or seals, or worn, frayed belts. You could be experiencing excessive drying time caused by a problem with the heating element or coils or maybe a faulty thermostat. If it won’t start you could have a faulty switch or wiring connections. And if it doesn’t tumble your clothes it could be a problem due to faults in the switch, timer or belts. Any way you cut it, you are in for a repair service call.

One thing you can count on, though, is a rebate on your service call charge if it is accompanied by a completed appliance repair, and that’s a break your wallet can appreciate. You also get a 90-day warranty on labor and installation – something you don’t see very often anymore. So for the best in appliance repair SF, don’t stumble around in the dark – just call or visit They will come to your rescue.

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