3 Realistic Home Improvement Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Let’s be honest: most of us don’t keep our New Year’s resolutions.

That being said, does that mean you should give up on your goals entirely?

Absolutely not.

However, most people fail because they come up with goals that are far too lofty or require too large of an investment. The same rings true when it comes to choosing home improvement projects.

After all, it’s tempting to try out some flashy, expensive home renovation we saw on television. Realistically, though, how much can you really manage?

Think about your budget in terms of time and cash.

Can you really hope to knock out some huge, overblown project after a hard day at the office? Do you really want to want to end up with a half-finished deck or shingle-less roof for months on end?

Instead, try doing more by taking on a less intensive project. The following three projects cover various areas of the home and are ideal for home improvement weekend warriors with limited time and cash on hand.

Fix Up Your Furniture

The motto of “new year, new me” can be applied to your home interior, especially your living room After all, if you’ve been stagnant in terms of style, why not fix up your sitting space and make it somewhere to be proud of? The central area of your home is a crucial zone in terms of style, especially since it’s where families spend a bulk of their time together.

It’s perhaps easier than ever to find deals on living room furniture thanks to the flexibility of the web; likewise, mixing and matching styles is a breeze when you have plenty of styles to choose from. Additionally, furniture can be replaced piece by piece, representing a less daunting project that doesn’t necessarily need to be completed all at once.

Learn to Love Your Lighting

For an even simpler project, consider replacing the light fixtures throughout your home as a sure-fire way to reduce your electric bill and make your living space feel a bit less dim. Again, you don’t need to replace everything all at once: instead, take a room by room approach and pick your lights out accordingly.

For example, you may decide to pick out some elegant lighting kitchen lighting fixtures or install a chandelier in your living room to give your space a sense of personality. From efficiency bulbs to unique fixtures and beyond, you have plenty of flexibility and wiggle room within your budget.

Budget Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom represents an incredibly important room of your house in terms of improvements and investments. Freshening up your bathroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, though. The following renovations can be completed on a shoestring budget:

  • A fresh coat of a paint on the walls, replacing any tacky wallpaper that may have been lingering
  • Give your fixtures a much-needed upgrade: new sink or shower fixtures are relatively cheap and can be purchased either online or at big-box stores
  • Refinish your bathroom surfaces to ensure that they shine like new

A combination of the aforementioned bathroom projects will not only breathe new life into your bathroom, but keep you within your budget.

Remember: sometimes you can make the most out of your home improvement projects by spending less. Rather than allowing yourself to get overwhelmed, pick out time-efficient projects that you can spread out over time and won’t cost you a fortune.

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