Wonders Of Gardening: TOP 10 Gardens and Parks In Alicante Provinces

What is Alicante for you? Tourists think that Alicante is just pleasant rest in the hotel, interesting excursions and beach rest. There is another way to spend your vacation in Alicante – visiting parks, gardens that are in plenty. It is not about thematic park, aqua parks, but about beautiful admirable places, where people usually come to have rest, picnic, or just share their emotions. You can find parks in different city regions. If you have no ideas where to go, follow your nose and you will face one or another worthy place sooner or later.

Huerto del Cura

Meet the most beautiful place in the park. There is a big collection of palm trees and cactuses from all over the world. The pearl of the park is date palm – a unique tree with seven stocks, growing from one big body.

The entrance charged: 5 EUR for adults, 2,50 EUR for kids.

Benissa Labyrinth Garden

The admirable view of mountain landscapes is amazing in the period of gladdens flowering. April is a month of gladdens. May is a season of roses. This is not only park, but beautiful place, where you can buy sprouts, flower seeds and stocks. Frankly speaking, it is not easy to find the garden hidden from view. Actually, you can find exact coordinates by GPS or in the map of the garden. It welcomes you in spring from morning till 7 p.m.

The entrance charged: for adults – 5 EUR, free for kids.

waterfall into the labyrinth

Jardin de Los Sentidos in Altea

Jardin is considered to be garden of senses. This is the right place to feel the romantic atmosphere: nature, shadows, secret corners, hammocks. You can enjoy the tea and pastry. The garden works from Friday till Sunday in the evening, from 4 p.m. till 10 p.m. you cannot take your kids with you if they are younger than 15. This is the place of quiet nature and piece. The entrance charged: 10 EUR including tea and pastry

It is better to hire a car in Alicante and use GPS to get there. What is more, you can assign for excursion with excursion group or guide. There is nothing better than drinking tea in nature in a big company.

Casa Morisca

It is time to leave Alicante to have a cup of tea in the fairy Arabian house. The choice of tasty sorts of teas is wide. There is a big garden at the house, buried in flowers, green fields, fruit trees and fountains. You can meet peafowls in the garden. The old Arabian house is place in the middle of the garden, decorated in Arabian style: woodcarving, stained-glass windows, lamps, copperware and fells. This is all about the Arabian tea house – amazing place, where you can meet Alicante of the7th-12th centuries.

Do you like tea? You know, many people prefer coffee. Nevertheless, if you want to taste real tea, aromatic and sweet, you should come here. Take your seat on a terrace, in the room, or in the garden at the fountain. Do you prefer chairs or cozy sofa, when seated or rested? By the way, you waiters are also colorful persons, original Arabians. The menu includes black, green, red, white tea, herbal teas, cold tea, and tea with milk. You are offered to choose something sweet, like pastry, fresh juice, kalian.

Scones and tea.

This is your chance to learn Spain inside, starting from Arabian period till today. Make your day full of information, visual and taste senses. The garden is beautiful in the evening: a lot of lights and candles.

Natural Park of Torrevieja Salty Lakes

This natural park is famous of its two lagoons. This is not only a place, where the birds live (pink flamingo, Audouni’s Gull), but 311 sorts of orchids and narcissus. You should leave your car in a garden entrance parking and ride bicycle. There is a guide, who takes you to watch after birds. The park works from Monday till Sunday from morning till 3 p.m. The territory welcomes visitors in spring and summer. Touch the nature in Alicante province!

El Parmeral Park, Alicante

El Palmeral is considered to be the most beautiful park in Alicante. It is situated in the seaside, surrounded with palms, cactuses, flowers and bushes. This is the best place for picnic! Besides, there is a beautiful lake, where you can go boating.

Parque Reina Sofia Park

The atmosphere of this place makes you to relax. Look around! The nature is admirable: lakes, trees, streams, peafowls and other birds touch your feelings. You can come at any time convenient for you.


Callosa-del-Saria Cactus Garden

This garden is famous of its waterfalls. There is one more thing: this is a park of moving dinosaurs. It means that you may forget about the relaxation. Crowds of people, figures of dinosaurs, exotic nature and picturesque cactus landscape are waiting for you. This is the right place to take quality photos.

Lavender Park

Lavender Park is situated in the valley of Jalon city. It does not take you much time to get there. The place is beautiful and aromatic. The park welcomes visitors every Sunday from 10 a.m. Of course, you can visit this amazing place on Monday and Tuesday according to advance request. Lavender Park is a place for interesting events, like Lavender Festival, Summer Festival and St Clause Party in December.

Do not stay in the hotel!

Reading lady

L’Albarda Garden, Pedreguer

This is not a usual garden to have rest there, but historical sample of Renaissance gardening. Pedreguer is a small town in Alicante province. You have to go to the North-East from the city to reach the garden. It was created in 1990 by Enrique Montoliu as a present to FUNDEM gardening fund. This is the fund of flora and fauna protection. The garden occupies territory of 50 000 square meters. It includes more than 700 sorts of plants.

L’Albarda is divided into garden and wild garden, taking you back in past, in the old Renaissance garden and Arabian style. If the gates are shut, you should ring the bell. The personnel are polite and friendly, speaking Spanish, English and German. The garden works every day from 10 a.m. till noon. The ticket is about 5 EUR.

Do not stay in the hotel! Spain is famous of many interesting places and activities. Choose one of them and go ahead!

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