Why Choose Houston Moving Service?

A specialized moving service offers the possibility to use the services of professional movers, planned and organized, valuing your time and energy in an efficient and pleasant way. They relocate internationally, move furniture, dispose of furniture and store furniture.

Third Coast Moving Services offers cargo handling, transport and professional rework, packaging of materials and protection (stretch wrap or bubble wrap, boxes of various types and sizes). The staff is experienced, young and well trained, prepared for any difficulty that may occur in moving your furniture and personal belongings. To respond well to your needs, logistics experts can move anywhere in the country and will discuss with you the possibilities in this regard.

You can check out here what a moving company actually does and click here to see all about the relocation services.

So, try to find the best way to transport your furniture and possibility for it to remain as upright as possible to avoid deterioration with disassembly / reassembly. At your request, professional service and packaging goods and personal items can be offered.

Both in the case of relocation national or international, you will enjoy the clean and well-groomed cars and the staff that is very well trained.

Packaging is provided

The company usually provides boxes for your personal goods, materials for packaging fragile items, and protective materials for furniture. The purpose is to make sure that the furniture, goods and equipment reach the new location in the best conditions. The well-trained team will provide flawless execution of the moving service.

The moving service is known and appreciated for the quality of services. They provide performance, reliability and a pleasant working environment. Behind the professional conduct of the staff, there is a whole mechanism that makes sure that everything goes according to international requirements and standards. Moving operations for furniture price is calculated based on several variables.

How it works

Every order received is an opportunity for partnership and will be taken into account as such because moving services want you to come again and use their services. Maintaining a high standard for all operations involving relocation furniture, they have trucks of different tonnages (3.5t and 7.5t) and volume (18mc, 22mc, 27mc, 36mc) that are well maintained, equipped with hydraulic lift and other systems necessary for these activities.

Whether you move your house in the same city or in another place, like moving headquarters office building, moving service offers quick assistance and advice, plus an all-inclusive service of moving furniture where the price remains unchanged. From the first interaction with representatives, you can build and form an opinion about their professionalism.

The standard plan for furniture movers’ operations

The first step is to make the inventory of goods together with you. Through this method, you will draw up a complete list of furniture and the requested operations (transport, handling, disassembly / reassembly, packing / unpacking, positioning etc.). Besides the standard package, the company provides relocation and ancillary operations: storage furniture or other goods, assembly and installation.

The next step is the development plan for moving the furniture. Once you have communicated all the requirements and the evaluation has been completed, they will make the plan and its presentation with details relating to: when, where, how, with whom and why. All these are provided in the all-inclusive service. In order to be fully compliant with the building managers or owners, it is your duty to make sure that the elevators are functionality and usable.

Then, you can actually start the operation – the team will be presented with the tasks and the expected date will be set in the contract. It is recommended that you draw a sketch with the exact placement of the furniture. All you have to do is to just let them know the desired place and the movers will place and arrange everything.

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