What to Expect from Professional Mosquito Treatment

If you are tired of being cooped up inside because of a mosquito problem on your property, you are not alone. Mosquitoes can be problematic throughout the summer season and even well into the fall months until the temperature cools down. These are the months when many people prefer to enjoy time relaxing on a deck or patio. This is also a time when you may need to do yardwork or when the kids may want to play outdoors. Mosquitoes can prevent you and your loved ones from being outdoors as desired. Professional treatment form Mosquito Squad of Huntsville is an effective way to address this bothersome issue head-on, but you may need to know what to expect from this type of service before you make an appointment.

The Treatment Process

The professional treatment process for mosquitoes is similar to the process that you may be familiar with for other types of pest control services that you have used in the past. You may assume that your normal pest control treatment would address the problem of mosquitoes, but this is not the case. Special pesticides must be used to target mosquitoes as well as to prevent eggs from hatching. Keep in mind that mosquitoes may grow from the egg stage to a full adult that is already breeding within 10 days. A treatment will be professionally applied to your yard in a short period of time, and you can schedule repeat treatments as needed. In many cases, you do not need to be at home for the service. You should, however, plan to keep your kids and pets indoors for a few hours after the treatment is applied.

Realistic Results

Before you schedule mosquito treatment service, you need to understand what to expect from this service. Depending on the company that you contact for pest control treatment, you may realistically expect the treatment to work immediately and to continue to produce results for several weeks. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can fly onto your property after the treatment is completed. The pesticide that is used by professionals generally has a lasting impact, and this means that mosquitoes that visit your property days or weeks after the treatment may be killed.

Mosquitoes are more than just pesky insects that can leave behind itchy whelps on your skin. They can also transmit disease and prevent you from using your yard as desired. You do not have to rely on stinky citronella candles and mosquito repellant to provide mediocre results because professional treatment is available that provides more thorough results. You can contact Mosquito Squad of Huntsville today for more information about professional mosquito treatment and to set up an appointment for service.

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