Types Of Foundations In OKC

There are many things that you should consider when you’re looking for contractors who handle basement foundation repair in OKC. Look for reliability and a good reputation. You’ll need an accurate free estimate in order to set your budget for the project. Look for contractors who offer a warranty on their services in addition to the guarantees you get from the materials manufacturers.

These issues are important, as are things like customer service, integrity and a great competitive price, but what you really need is quality craftsmanship. You need a contractor who can do the job you need done, with the right materials and in the time frame you require. Regardless of which service you need, you should look for companies that perform a variety of different types of basement foundation repair in Oklahoma. That’s because local companies that do multiple different kinds of jobs will be familiar with the various rules and regulations specific to the OK building codes.

Steel Pier

These are some of the most complete foundation solutions available. A good contractor will be familiar with these and willing to share the exact specifications, but there are a few things you should know about this system before you get an estimate. One thing to consider is that this system uses deep holes in order to set your structure’s foundation on solid rock. That requires a lot of digging, usually somewhere around 30 feet. Something else you should be aware of is that there are specialized types of steel components used for this type of foundation work. Make sure the contractor you employ to do your basement foundation repair in Oklahoma is using the right types of products. Finally, the best steel foundations will usually carry warranties that last as long the house itself.

Concrete Foundations

Concrete is an interesting compound, because it can actually get stronger as it cures and sets. This strength is measured in pressure tolerances, so look for foundation repair solutions that use a material with a high PSI rating. Just like with the steel construction, there are specific types of cements that are designed for foundation work, so make sure that your company is using the right materials when you get an estimate. Concrete offers the most effective solution for the cost, so make sure that you’re dealing with an Oklahoma contractor who understands how to use it effectively.

Beam and Pier

This is a popular type of foundation. If you have a crawlspace, you might have one of these foundations. Any company that handles basement foundation repair in Oklahoma knows the finer points of these engineered supports. The difference offered by experience is efficiency, which cuts costs and repair times for you. Make sure you get a contractor that is able to reinforce your good pad piers while they repair your faulty ones.

Ask your foundation repair contractors about what types of foundation repair and improvement technology they offer. You can expect good companies to be familiar with all different types of foundations, such as steel and concrete pier and pad pier layouts. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals to other types of repair professionals, because the best foundation repairs companies have extensive professional networks they’re happy to put at your disposal.

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