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Top Attributes You Should Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a capital-intensive field with properties costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. If you are to invest in this field or use an agent to get a rental or any other property, you have to be careful on whom you trust and assign your task. You may want to ReferLocal Business Pages for some of the top real estate agents.

According to industry experts, there are some qualities that can help you get the right agent to partner with in the industry. Some of these attributes include:


Dealing with a real estate agent can be stressful if they are not open to communication. Time is of essence in this industry and opportunities pass by the minute. Your agent should therefore be a great communicator and tell you where you stand with reference to your selling or buying position so that you can move swiftly and take advantage of great deals.

Look for an agent who keeps constant contact with you even on what may seem to be insignificant information. This can really be important to you.


Your real estate agent should be always be on the lookout for opportunities and pass these over to you without the need for you to prompt him. In fact, a good real estate agent should always be in touch with customers and chasing new leads. The main idea behind pro-activity is to keep the client informed of the goings on in the market.

Good Listeners

An agent worth his salt should always be giving you a listening ear. Be wary of agents who spend most of your meetup time talking and doing little listening. This is a problem because as the customer you should be the one talking and ensuring the agent understands your needs and requests. The agent should be asking the questions and on the other hand you should be the one talking.

Client Motivation

As a customer, you need to look for an agent who puts his vendors first. This is simply because a good deal to the customer is also a good deal to the agent. An agent who prioritizes the needs of his customers and is motivated by their request makes them feel supported and happy. When it comes to selling and buying of houses, it can be quite stressful and hence the need for a helping hand.

Adapting to Clients Needs

The ability to read a client is one of the attributes a real estate agent must have. This is because customers are different and some may want to communicate via email, others through a phone call, text message, or even a chat. It is therefore the responsibility of the agent to figure out how the clients prefer to be treated especially in communication so that they do not feel pressured or ignored.

Understand Clients Time Frame and Selling Motivation

Time is an essential element of a good agent-client relationship. The agent should be able to know whether you want a quick sale or you are not in a rush. Quick sales mean that the agent should immediately spring into action with a tighter time frame in mind.

A good agent also knows why you are selling. They should quickly evaluate whether you are selling your property so that you can buy another one or you are looking for an investment property. You can ReferLocal Classifieds for agents near you.

Always remember to ask your agent for statements or testimonials at least from their past 20 clients.


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