The 4-Point DIY Security Checklist For New Homeowners

Securing your home can be a headache for new home-buyers especially if you’ve grown accustomed to apartment living over the years.

After all, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to security when you’re settled in the middle of a complex, have guards on duty or have resided in a “good neighborhood” for quite some time.

When you’re on your own, however, security is a much different story. Consider first that unsuspecting homeowners are perhaps the most susceptible to robberies since they stick out like a sore thumb to burglars. Also bear in mind that the responsibility to keep your family safe is on your shoulders, not that of your neighborhood or local law enforcement.

Thankfully, you can take a DIY approach to home security that won’t leave your home exposed to criminal activity. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve just moved into a new place, consider these cost effective means of securing your home.

Lock down Your Doors

The doors of your home quite literally represent the first line of defense between you and any potential criminal activity. While replacing the locks is a no-brainer, also keep in mind what you can do to reinforce the existing lock system you already have. For example, high quality entry locks are relatively easy to install and can be used to reinforce any entryway into your home (think: front, back and side doors).

Don’t Neglect Your Windows

To avoid a typical breaking and entering, you need to have more than just your doors locked down. If investing into reinforced glass is beyond your budget, you may want to consider simpler solutions such as window guards and deadbolts. Such solutions are cheaper and more attractive than window bars which could hurt the curb appeal of your home.

The Front Yard

Conventional wisdom tells us that installing a fence is a solid idea for any homeowner looking to protect themselves; however, perhaps some of the most important safety measures are about creating the appearance of secured homestead.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t install a fence yourself if you want to give your front yard an extra layer of protection. You should consider first, though, the following home improvement measures that are subtle yet significant to creating a sense of safety:

  • Keep your lawn and shrubbery regularly trimmed: taking pride in your yard shows that you’re attentive and vigilant in regard to your surroundings
  • Install automatic lights overlooking your driveway and other entryways to your home: such lighting is a natural burglar deterrent that won’t make your home look like a prison
  • Regularly keep clutter out of your yard and keep your entryway’s clearly visible

The Backyard

Your backyard, on the literal flip side, should be fenced in. If not, it’s time to get your hands dirty and decide which materials are right for fencing your home. In the event that you already have a fence, make sure it’s reinforced and consider installing gravel alongside the perimeter to help you hear any potential intruders before they come.

Keeping your family and home safe should be your number one priority upon moving in to any new home. Instead of living in fear, take a proactive approach to security and take the steps to lock down your homestead down sooner rather than later.

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