Secondary Glazing: Your Answer To Heat Loss and Outside Noise

Nearly everyone would agree that it’s important to save money on heating and cooling costs. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to accomplish this, with the most important changes involving your windows and doors. A majority of the heat loss in a home or business building occurs because older windows allow cold air in and warm air out. The same process happens during hot weather in reverse. Then, it’s hard to keep cool air in and hot air out.

In the last few decades, hundreds of property owners have upgraded their windows and doors, with many of them choosing double-glazed windows specifically for the insulation factor. Having two panes of glass separated by a sealed air pocket is one of the keys to cutting your energy expenses. But what can you do if you already have quality windows or just want to add an additional insulation barrier to help older windows that aren’t getting the job done?

Secondary Glazing

You can get in touch with a company with experience in secondary glazing. This involves placing a lightweight aluminium window inside your existing window. This process doesn’t involve taking older windows out or buying expensive double-glazed products so it’s a cost-effective method for insulation and for additional soundproofing of the interior of the home.

When you’re planning this project, keep in mind that the professionals may recommend using glass of a different thickness than the panes in your current windows. You can select special acoustic glass to greatly reduce noise from the outside. But it’s also true that secondary glazing really helps with thermal insulation. Your window expert will generally specify “low E” glass that has a heat-reflecting coating to help keep the interior warmer.

This process has proven to be successful for many property owners, with the leading suppliers of secondary glazing services bringing more than two decades of experience to the task. When you search for the right secondary windows, you will notice that they are offered in a standard white colour on the frame. But when you purchase from the top providers, you can select from more than 200 colour options, one of which will be just right for your home.

Made to Measure

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with a leading company is that you’ll be able to get windows made to measure for your window size and style. Horizontal sliders seem to be the most popular option but you can also select from vertical sliding windows, hinged units, fixed windows, and lift-out designs. In fact, these specialists will even be able to curve the product to work with arched units.

Secondary glazing is a practical solution to your window issues, one that will save you money in the long term. When the installation is done correctly, you will have a discreet slim appearance that delivers extraordinary benefits in both thermal insulation and soundproofing. The process is relatively basic because the secondary units can be fixed to your existing window or placed on the window reveal. Start your journey now with a visit to the website. It’s a smart move.

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