How To Repair Your Wall Like Mr. Navorski Did In The Terminal

Mr. Navorski plastering the wall during a renovation in The Terminal is important for two distinct reasons. The first is because this impromptu repair showcased his abilities enough to get a job, which in the story was an issue because he didn’t belong anywhere. The second is because if you have enough time on your hands, you can also repair your wall like Mr. Navorski.

Granted, Mr. Navorski had training as a carpenter before, but anything can be learned over time. So, get your Nela plastering trowels and repair your walls like you were fighting to survive in The Terminal.

Have your tools ready

Before you begin your project get your tools ready. For your non-consumable materials, you need two buckets, a hawk, a trowel, a brush and rag and for your consumables, get your plaster mix and water. For your trowel and hawk don’t be afraid to feel the grip and move it around in the store, go through as many Nela trowels as you like to find one that fits you the best.

You might not be as familiar with the tools as Mr. Navorski, but at the very least select the ones that you feel comfortable with.

Prep the damaged wall

After you have your materials ready, it’s time to prep. For prepping the wall, you have to get rid of any debris. No wallpaper, no loose nails, and no tape – take everything off. After that, wipe off any excess dust. If you chose to go in with a damp rag, then wait for it to dry.

It is important to properly set the working conditions because the plaster is sensitive; too much dust or dampness will affect how the plaster applies and dries. This causes irregularities that could ruin the final look.

Work in sections

If you are a beginner with your Nela plastering trowel it will be best to work in sections. Working in sections ensures the plaster’s consistency and at the same time, your stamina. A more experienced trade worker can probably treat a wall as one section with the speed of experience and training provided, but until then, work in decent sized sections.

Listen to good jazz

Last but not the least have fun doing it. The same way Mr. Navorski listened to music while doing his job, you can also play your favourite tunes while working. It might help you pass the time quicker. Plastering jobs are long and they require not only your attention but your patience as well. Music is a good medium to keep you relaxed and entertained.

When you’ve finished the wall with your Nela trowel, nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction you get from doing it on your own.

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