How To Organize Your Closets

How To Organize Your Closets

If you can’t find anything in your closets, it’s time to organize them so that they don’t cause any more stress. You can organize your closets easily by keep these tips handy and planning out what you really need when it comes to organization.

The Five Step Process

HGTV recommends a five step process for getting organized. Most of it has to do with the actual steps you need to take to go through an entire organization. This includes:

  1. Emptying the closet out.
  2. Organizing the closet contents by type.
  3. Move items that don’t belong in that closet.
  4. Discard items that you no longer need.
  5. Clean inside the closet.

This doesn’t exactly tell you how to organize your closet, so you may resort to custom closet organization Minneapolis MN for your organization.

Keep Things You Use Often Accessible

It sounds like a no brainer, but the stuff you use frequently should be kept within reach and eye level. That way, you can get at them quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to pull stuff out all the time to get at the stuff you use most. That means that seasonal clothes need to go to the back, while this season’s clothes are up front and ready.

You can store out of season clothing in comforter bags or other zipper bags that will enable you to see the items inside, while still keeping them organized and out of the way.

Use Shoe boxes, Hangers, and Other Cheap Organizers to Keep Your Stuff Corralled

You may not think a shoebox is useful until you turn it so that the compartment is open and visible. Put them in a larger box, and you have cubby holes to organize shoes, shirts, and other items easily. Install a peg board in the back of your closet so you can hang things.

Use shoe organizers to hold more than just shoes. You can organize socks, makeup, nail polish, and more using your shoe organizers.

Hang luggage above the closets. Luggage takes an amazing amount of space, and unless you’re working in the travel industry, it’s unlikely you’re going to use it constantly.

Hangers are your Best Friend

Hangers are your best friend in organizing. Invest in good hangers and you’ll be able to keep your clothes more organized than ever. Use hangers and tie your scarfs to them to get them out of the way. Hang purses on hangers so you never have to worry about them. Align your hangers backwards with your clothes. When you use the clothes on the hangers, turn the hanger forwards. After a year, you can go through and remove the clothes you don’t use easily, because their hangers are backward. You can then decide to sell them online, give them to charity, or have a yard sale.

Would You Buy This Today?

Possibly the best way to determine if you should keep an item is to ask yourself whether if you saw if in the store if you would buy it today. Your answer of yes or no says whether you should keep it or not. This is a great way to determine if you have items you no longer want but are just holding onto them.

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