How to Make Your Apartment Home Feel Luxurious

Today’s apartment communities are swapping out boring decor in favor of luxurious finishes throughout the homes and the communities. You can continue this trend in your own design and decorating choices. Here are some ways you can make your apartment home feel luxurious, so you can enjoy life as if you were living in a luxury hotel!

  1. Invest in Quality Linens

One of the reasons going to an upscale hotel feels so luxurious is the fact that you get to sleep under high-thread-count sheets and enjoy plush robes and towels in the bathroom. You can replicate this in your new apartment. Invest in quality linens to bring that feeling of luxury home.

  1. Give Attention to the Window Coverings

Your curtains and window coverings are another place where luxury can abound. Consider floor-to-ceiling drapes and curtains to give the feeling of luxury to your space, and add wooden blinds for luxury and privacy. Custom drapes, or drapes that give the look of custom pieces, throughout your apartment will make it feel just a bit more luxurious.

  1. Stay Simple and Clean

It may seem like the opposite of the effect you’re going for, but when it comes to luxury spaces, less is more. Invest in a few quality pieces rather than filling your apartment with clutter. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces feel more spacious and luxurious than busy, cluttered areas.

  1. Use Live Flowers to Decorate

Live plants and greenery are a great option for decorating an apartment to make it feel more luxurious. It’s common to find fresh cut flowers in the lobby of a boutique hotel, and you can replicate this at home. If you don’t want to spend money on flowers every week, use some live plants to add this same luxurious feel with less expense.

  1. Add Soft Finishes

Throw pillows, lush blankets and other upholstered finishes will round out your space nicely and add to the feeling of luxury you are trying to create. Soft floor rugs are another great addition. The soft texture will feel inviting and opulent, helping your apartment embrace the feel of a warm, inviting luxury hotel.

As you can see, you can create a luxury space in your own apartment with just a few finishing touches. By investing in the right pieces and avoiding clutter, you will feel even more “at home” in your space.


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