How To Make The Most Of Your Greenhouse

Many gardens today have greenhouses, and they deserve them too! Greenhouses are the perfect addition to any garden, as not only do they offer a place to grow your own produce, beautiful flowers and plants, but they also add character to your garden and give you the opportunity to take up a hobby that has huge benefits on the mind and overall provide a healthier lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Greenhouse

With the choice of wooden or aluminium framed greenhouses, it’s best to choose the right style for your home. Whilst the exterior design is completely different to the interiors, it’s still a good idea to keep a consistent theme throughout. You then have other factors such as durability, practicality and size. Decide what style and size will work best for your garden and then you can start to look around for the greenhouse that meets your needs best.

Positioning of the Greenhouse

Deciding where to position or site your greenhouse is crucial for both growing your plants as well as practicality. If your garden is large enough for you to tuck your greenhouse in the corner with a hedge sectioning it off, ensure it still has plenty of sunlight to help your little plants grow properly. If you decide to position your greenhouse in more of a central position, making more of a feature out of the piece, then it’s still just as important to have a substantial flow of sunlight, but you may find it easier to achieve this when your greenhouse is in a larger, open space.

Another thing to consider is what position will work best for you. You don’t want to have your greenhouse at the very back of your garden if you’re likely to grow veggies that you’ll want to nip out for every now and then, so place your greenhouse in a spot that will be easy for you to access every day.

Maintaining your Greenhouse

Just like anything, greenhouses need plenty of TLC. It doesn’t matter what time of year or season it may be, it’s essential to keep your greenhouse in good condition all year round to prevent any unwanted issues that could occur further down the line.  Checking on your greenhouse every few days is really important, as this way you can keep track of your plants, as well as ensuring no pests have made their way into your greenhouse or around the area it is positioned. Regular checks will also enable you to make necessary fixes as and when they occur, such as broken glass in the winter or blocked ventilation, which can happen overnight and not always be an obvious issue at first!

Essentials for Growing

Filling your greenhouse with essential tools for growing will enable you to get green fingered and stuck into any project you want too! With a few key items, your greenhouse will be ready to grow almost anything. One of the most important things to include is a fully stocked-up toolkit. There’s nothing worse than forgetting tools and being short of a hand trowel! You should then look at introducing items such as greenhouse staging and other storage features. This will help you keep your greenhouse as neat and tidy as possible, making it much easier when it comes to your projects!

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