How To Capture The Lake “Vibe” In Your Apartment

Do you live near the lake? Why not capture the lake “vibe” in your new apartment? There are many ways you can use your decor to capture this look and feel. Here are some tips that might help.

Choose the Right Paint Colors

First, focus on paint to give the home a light, airy feel. Neutral colors that mirror the colors found around a lake are great. Light blues, tans and creams are all great choices for a lakeside lifestyle. Not only do these colors invoke the feeling of being lakeside, but if you have a view, they won’t detract from it.

Bring Nature Indoors

Whether seashells or driftwood, bringing some nature indoors can help the home feel like a lakeside retreat. When bringing nature inside, get creative. Items like seashells may not be found at the lake, but can bring that “waterfront” vibe to your home. You’d be surprised how well they work together.

Enjoy a Weathered Look

Lakeside chic is going to have a distressed, weathered look. If you don’t have furnishings that are weathered, consider re-purposing old pieces and using a piece of sand paper to distress the surface yourself. Roughen up your decor and furniture to create the old-world look that works perfectly by the lake.

Another way to bring in a weathered look is to bring in salvaged architecture. An old window frame can be a decorative picture frame. An old piece of a barn can be turned into a piece of art to hang above your bed, or even pieced together to create the headboard itself.

Use Colorful Accents

While the majority of the colors in your lake vibe home should be neutral, don’t be afraid of a splash of color here and there. A colorful throw pillow in a nautical theme or a bright rug over your hardwood floors can be just the piece of interest your space needs!

As you can see, it’s easy to bring the lakeside vibe into your apartment home. Take these decorating tips to heart, and soon your space will be a vibrant, welcoming and lake-inspired space to enjoy.

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