How To Add Decorative Wood Surface Solutions To Your Home

There are many ways to use decorative wood in your home to create an enchanting atmosphere. From appliques to glosses, your creative process will go haywire with the options.

How To Add Decorative Wood Surface Solutions To Your HomeWhether you wish to add colour, mystique or a touch of flair; wood is the way to do it. With its natural beauty it can amplify the personality of any room. Turn your home into the most creative version of itself with touches of your own personal style and uniqueness.

The SupaWood lends itself well to laser cutting, so you can virtually achieve any kind of project- be it a large scale design for an office space, or just a simple addition to the kitchen décor. SupaWood can be painted and sprayed anyway you choose, making it all the more versatile! This is an inexpensive way to add heaps of personality and style to your space. You options are unlimited and the decorative wood and surface solutions are your creative oyster!

How To Add Decorative Wood Surface Solutions To Your Home

You can take advantage of this painting pro and cover entire surfaces in your home with colour and help make the space glow. Whether it is a cabinet or table,a pop of colour will change the interior design to give it that little something extra. Give your kitchen the red accents you’ve always dreamed of- don’t hold back, a hint of colour can change everything!

For a decorative surface solution,high gloss is another answer. To add your colour in a way that it will last a lifetime is to make use of MelaWood SupaGloss. Strong MelaWood that has been coated with a UV hardened, high gloss finish in the colour of your choice. This gloss can even be applied to furniture for a quirky finish.Well, what are you waiting for? Time to get started on your new interior design!

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